2009: The year in photos

1. Andre Young shows his affirmation for Brantly Grier, co-director of the Interactive Resource Center in Greensboro [“Counseling and a waiting chair offered: New Greensboro ‘resource center’ part of an effort to meet homeless needs”; Jan. 14, 2009; by Jordan Green]. The center’s opening was the culmination of a year-long effort to open a single location where homeless people could come during the day to receive services. (photo by Jordan Green)

2. Obama volunteers (l-r) Martha Hanson Chafin, Ginny Johnson and Jaya Gokhale gathered outside a vacant storefront that once housed the Forsyth County Obama headquarters [“Obama volunteers ponder how to keep the movement going”; Jan. 7, 2009; by Keith T. Barber]. (photo by Keith T. Barber)

3. Winemaker Mac McDonald signs a bottle of his sauvignon blanc/pinot gris at Vintage 301 in Greensboro. [“Making black history: Rare winemaker makes rare wines”; Feb. 11, 2009; by Brian Clarey]. (photo by Brian Clarey)

4. The Winston-Salem Journal press room bustles with activity in preparation for the distribution of the next day’s paper.[“Triad newspapers struggle and survive”; Feb. 18, 2009; by Gus Lubin]. (photo by Gus Lubin)

5. Basir Razzack AKA Lorenzo X leans against the counter at Shabazz, a Winston- Salem restaurant that specializes in American Muslim foods such as jerk chicken and beans and rice. [“Shabazz: Chicken, religion and politics”; Feb. 25, 2009; by Gus Lubin] (photo by Gus Lubin)

6. Josh Brown performswith Christian hard rock band Day of Fire at Cafe Jam. The venue wouldclose later in the year. [“Transcendent rock: Day of Fire previews newalbum”; March 25, 2009; by Jordan Green] (photo by Jordan Green)

7. Wake ForestUniversity senior Sam Smartt shoots video of a resident at theWinston-Salem Downtown Rescue Mission. [“For a good cause: Smartt’sdocumenting true stories”; March 18, 2009; by Keith T. Barber] (photoby Keith T. Barber)

8. Magnus Rennie, ateacher at the New Light At-Risk Intergenerational Outreach Program inGreensboro, acts out a scenario with Aycock Middle School sixth-graderHajji Johnson to underscore the risk of associating with people whoengage in criminal activities. [“At-risk program contends withdwindling funds”; April 1, 2009; by Jordan Green] (photo by Jordan Green

9. Gustavo, a17-year-old boy from Guatemala, receives a hug from Sue Perry Cole ofRocky Mount in the yard behind a hospitality house in Oaxaca City,Oaxaca. [“Border crossings: Oaxaca, North Carolina and the greatnorthern migration; March 18, 2009; by Jordan Green] The next dayGustavo would continue his journey to the United States border, whichhe planned to illegally cross. (photo by Jordan Green)

10. Alt-countryartist Jim Lauderdale conducts a songwriting workshop at the ShakoriHills Grass Roots Festival in Chatham County. [“Great weather bringsbiggest crowd ever to Shakori Hills; April 22, 2009; by Ryan Snyder](photo by Ryan Snyder)

1. Parishioners at Myanmar CommunityChurch in Greensboro, many of whom are refugees from politicalrepression, stand at the front of their sanctuary to receive healingfrom physical injury, disease, mental illness and depression. Thechurch incorporated in 2009. [“Many injuries to heal”; May 6, 2009, byJordan Green] (photo by Jordan Green)

2. Runnersbegin the North Carolina Marathon. [“Marathon and High Point make awinning pair”; May 6, 2009; by Jordan Green] The marathon relocatedfrom Greensboro to High Point after Greensboro officials balked atcovering the cost of police protection. (photo by Jordan Green)

3.10-Guage and Big Head gained minor fame as marketers of furniture andpromoters of racial harmony in 2009. [“High Point finally enjoyscommercial success”; May 13, 2009; by Brian Clarey] (photo by BrianClarey)

4. A set by LosAngeles punk band Mika Miko at Square One in Greensboro inspiredaudience members to take to the waves. [“Back to Square One: Threebands = one night”; by Jordan Green]; The venue would close shortlyafter being cited for firecode violations. (photo by Jordan Green)

5.Tim LaFollette, who is living with a diagnosis of ALS, performs withhis band Decoration Ghost at a benefit for himself at Greene Street.[“Musician with ALS makes the most of his time”; July 29, 2009; byJordan Green] (photo by Quentin L. Richardson)

6. Former Greensboromayoral candidate Billy Jones shut down his website andwent to work at a salvage yard. His career trajectory has been evidenceof the challenges of earning a livelihood as a member of the creativeclass. [“A creative crisis?” July 8, 2009; by Daniel Bayer] (photo byDaniel Bayer)

7. Patrons of the HeavyRebel Weekender in Winston-Salem wrestle in an artificial mud pool.“Heavy Rebel Weekender” photo essay; July 8, 2009; by Jesse Kiser]

8. Peter Holsappleand Chris Stamey of the reunitied dBs perform at the Garage inWinston-Salem. [“Rock pioneers Holsapple and Stamey pick up where theyleft off”; Aug. 5, 2009; by Ryan Snyder] (photo by Ryan Snyder)

9.Christy Johnson fronts Dreamkiller with Erny Galvan (left) and TianGarcia during an in-store appearance at Hot Topic at Hanes Mall inWinston- Salem. [“Band defies its dream-killer”; Aug. 12, 2009; byJordan Green] (photo by Jordan Green)

10. L in Japaneseprovides instrumental tracks for MC Mr. Rozzi as Andy Coon shootsduring a celebration of the Dotmatrix Project at the Green Bean inGreensboro. [“A positive MC waits for his moment”; Sept. 9, 2009; byJordan Green] (photo by Jordan Green)

11.Greensboro City Council candidate Mary Rakestraw celebrates her primarynight victory with political consultant Bill Burckley. [“Incumbentsprosper in low turnout Greensboro primary”; Oct. 14, 2009; by JordanGreen] Rakestraw would go on to defeat Joel Landau in the generalelection to win the District 4 seat on council. (photo by Jordan Green)

1. Cotton, who lives ina camp near Freeman Mill Road in downtown Greensboro, says tobacco haskept her from killing a couple people, including herself. [“Streetlevel”; Oct. 7, 2009; by Brian Clarey] (photo by Lindsay Emeigh)

2. Jim Avett, whosesons have achieved fame with their music, joins Molly McGinn and herband Amelia’s Mechanics onstage for one of his originals. [“God blessthat Monkeywhale”; Oct. 7, 2009; by Ryan Snyder] (photo by Ryan Snyder)

3. The Rev. CarltonAG Eversley is among a group of Winston-Salem pastors who see it astheir responsibility to help their parishioners improve their commonlives through political action. [“Faith & politics: CHANGE andother faith-based community groups exert powerful influence on areapolitics”; Nov. 4, 2009; by Keith T. Barber] (photo by Keith T. Barber)

4.Y’Bret Nie (center ), a Montagnard warrior who fought the communists inVietnam with the US Army Special Forces, and his son, Tauinya Ya(right) take the oath of citizenship at the federal courthouse inGreensboro. [“Aging Vietnam war veteran closes circle with oath ofcitizenship”; Nov. 25, 2009; by Jordan Green] (photo by Jordan Green)

5.Canadian songwriter and poet Leonard Cohen told an audience at DurhamPerforming Arts Center: “I don’t know if we will pass this way again,but it’s our intention to give you everything we’ve got tonight.”[“Alive and skipping in North Carolina”; Nov. 11, 2009; by Ryan Snyder](photo by Ryan Snyder)

6. Sam “the Dot Man”McMillan, a self-taught Winston-Salem artist, lives and paints hismotto: “If we all hold hands, we can’t fight. [“Sam ‘the Dot Man’McMillan: A folk art original”; Dec. 2, 2009; by Keith T. Barber](photo by Devender Sellars)