2010 Halloween Costumes

by Joe Murphy

“Jersey Shore”

The best Halloween costumes — for the grown-ups who dress up for Halloween — are topical and affordable, because you should make sure that you aren’t too broke after buying your costume to enjoy the holiday’s festivities. The “Jersey Shore” characters/caricatures will be popular this year. Spike up your hair, wear a tight T-shirt and point to your six pack — either your real stomach, a comical T-shirt, or six beers would apply — and that’s “The Situation” right there. Ladies can put on too much eyeliner and strategically place balloons under their outfit. But you’re “Jersey Shore” accent will likely get progressively worse and more tiresome as the evening progresses.

Flame singed LeBron Jersey

When LeBron James made his ballyhooed decision to leave his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers and join the Miami Heat, many jilted Cavs fans set their replica jerseys of their beloved homegrown star — ironically enough — aflame. If you know anyone with one of these jerseys that is at least partially intact, then that’s your costume.

You can probably find one for pretty cheap on eBay now and spark it up. The benefit of this costume is that you are King James and everyone else is just a witness.

BP spill-inspired costumes

The most ongoing story of 2010 is the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. You can pretty easily make yourself reference to the incident by purchasing a cheap costume of a shark, crab, whale or lobster and cover part of it in black paint or ink.

Free ‘­(fill in the blank)

Who is your favorite currently incarcerated public figure? Toy handcuffs, a prison jumpsuit — preferably not the out of date black-and-white striped version — with “Free Weezy (Lil’ Wayne)/ Lindsay (Lohan)” scrolled across the back would grab attention. To make a political statement you could go with “Free Mumia.”

Tiger Woods or one of his mistresses

This one is easy enough for guys or girls. Guys just need a red golf shirt, golf club and curved bill baseball cap. Girls can just wear whatever they would normally wear on a night out and carry a check made out to you endorsed by Tiger Woods. You can have fun and get creative with the total amount and memo line.

Brett Favre

Any No. 4 Brett Favre jersey — but preferably a New York Jets one — and wear a pair of Crocs. Take lots of pictures with your camera phone of whatever is handy.


With the popularity of the Twilight series of books and movies and the television show “True Blood,” these will surely be popular this year as well. But can something grade school kids dress up as everyday count as a costume?

Avatar alien

Just cover yourself in blue paint — you might know a Panthers fan with some to spare — and attach a spray painted tail. or just a blue USB cable. and wear some of those fashionable 3-D glasses and you are the future of movies.

Robert Green

All you need to be Robert Green — the infamous British goalkeeper whose mishandling of Clint Dempsey’s shot gave England an embarrassing tie to the lowly, overmatched Yanks — is a long-sleeved, green T-shirt with Green and No. 12 scrolled across it. But you do have to carry a soccer ball around with you and constantly toss it up to yourself and bobble it.

Raoul Duke

Hunter S. Thompson’s literary alter ego is always a good fall back. Aviators, white brimmed beach cap, tropical shirt, cigarette holder or Black & Mild are all you need. You’ll always get a good reaction (at least from certain people). The hard part is recreating his vocal pattern and ambling gait. A light but well stocked briefcase and tape recorder are nice touches to add authenticity.