48-Hour Project to announce winners at special screening

by Mark Burger

48-Hour Project to announce winners at special screening

Some 39 teams participated in this year’s 48-Hour Film Project and now it’s time to determine the best of the bunch. This Thursday, at 7 p.m., the Best of the Greensboro 48HFP will be by Mark Burger screened at the Carousel contributing columnist Luxury Cinemas (1305 Battleground Ave., Greensboro). Tickets are $10 and reservations are strongly suggested. Refreshment are also available for purchase in the theater, including cold beer. (That’s pretty good incentive right there!) In the six-year history of Greensboro’s 48-Hour Film Project, more than 2,000 filmmakers have participated — many more than once. The winner of this year’s event will receive a copy of Movie Magic Scriptwriter software and a Kessler Crane — two prizes that are fairly indispensable for a filmmaker, especially an independent one.

The Carousel previously played host to the 48HFP screenings last month, immediately following the completion of the films, and now it’s time to celebrate the winners. Following the screening, the awards will be handed out. This year, the elements that had to be used in each film were: A character named Sam or Samantha Tuomi, who worked as a caterer; a check as a prop; and the line of dialogue “Now you’re making sense.” Once again, Suzan Magee and Mindy Scott were the Greensboro City Producers of this year’s 48-Hour Film Project. This year, however, did see the “retirement” of spy film as a viable genre. For more information about the Greensboro 48-Hour Film Project (and the worldwide event itself), see

Speaking of movies (again), let’s talk Eyeborgs and Dogs of Chinatown (again).

Both films, which were filmed in the Piedmont Triad (Eyeborgs in Winston- Salem, Dogs of Chinatown looks an awful lot like Greensboro), are official selections of the Action on Film Festival, which runs from July 24-31 in Pasadena, Calif. In addition, both films are in the running for four awards at the festival: Eyeborgs picked up nominations for Best Picture, Richard Clabaugh as Best Director (Feature), Best Visual Effects (Feature) and Best Editing (Feature); Dogs of Chinatown was nominated for Action Film of the Year (Feature), leading man Eric Jacobus as Breakout Action Star — Male (Feature), Best Fight Choreography (Feature) and Best Sound Design (Feature). “It’s a great honor for us,” said John S. Rushton, a producer of Eyeborgs as well as one of its principal actors. “Not only is it a prestigious festival, but it’s targeted toward a specific genre — one that we certainly represent.” Crimson Wolf Productions, which produced Eyeborgs, is also a distributor of Dogs of Chinatown — an example of local filmmakers joining forces. “We’re thrilled,” said Clabaugh. “Crimson Wolf has two movies represented with a total of eight nominations. That’s pretty spectacular. Those guys [at All Aces Media, which produced Dogs of Chinatown] are amazingly talented, and we’re thrilled that they’re getting recognized for something that they do so well.” “We were honored just to be an official selection but this really blows us away,” wrote Dogs producer Blake Faucette in an a e-mail. “It is truly an honor to be nominated for Action Film of the Year. Micah [Moore, the director] and I were so fortunate to have so many great people working on this film with us. This nomination is really for everyone that worked on the film. We really couldn’t have done it without the help for so many good friends.” Dogs of Chinatown, which recently enjoyed a successful week-long run at the Carousel Luxury Cinemas in Greensboro, is also a selection of the Phantasmagoria Film Festival, which runs Aug. 14-16 in England. “We definitely had an international audience in mind when we made Dogs of Chinatown, so this selection really means a lot to us,” wrote Faucette. “We are very honored to be a part of this great festival.” For more information about Eyeborgs, see For more information about Dogs of Chinatown, see dogsofchinatown

At last month’s annual membership meeting, the Little Theatre of Winston- Salem elected its Board of Directors and Officers for the upcoming 75 th season, during which the theater’s name will officially change to Twin City Stage. Carrie Collins will remain as the board president, with Susan Giamportone as vice-president, David Patterson as treasurer and David L. Olson as treasurer. Elected to the board for their first terms were Daniel Alvarez, Nancy Hawley, Patricia Toole, Martha Wheelock and Eva Wu. The continuing board directors are Ed Buckalew, Miriam Davie, Ed Hanes Jr., Brian Joyce, Peter Juran, Christopher Leak, Chevara Orrin, Daniel Sciandra, Dudley Watts and Karl Yena. One of the most venerable community theaters in the nation, Twin City Stage’s upcoming season will include such mainstage productions as Moonlight and Magnolias, Smoke on the Mountain — Homecoming, 25 th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, All Shook Up and Dixie Swim Club. The theater’s base of operations will remain the Arts Council Theatre (610 Coliseum Drive, Winston-Salem). For more information about Twin City Stage, visit

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