Being a great chef has got to be one of the coolest jobs in the world. To take all these ingredients and put them together creating art for a diner’s taste buds must be satisfying. If you can’t tell, I’m a fan of people who can do this and secretly would love to join their ranks. Spring House Chef and Partner Tim Grandinetti is a rock star in my eyes.

Grandinetti was voted 2014 Best Chef in the Triad by the Readers of YES! Weekly and also was recently named King of Battledish, a nationwide cooking competition. Spring House was voted Best Romantic Dinner by YES! Weekly readers and won runner-up for Best Winston-Salem Restaurant.

His winning dish for Battledish was a Surf & Turf which consisted of butter poached lobster on crab cake with filet alongside a nest of linguini with the herb crusted poached egg.

I was able to get behind of one Chef Grandinetti’s plates last week when co-worker Travis Wageman was invited to bring three friends to eat and Wageman tapped myself, fellow YES! Weeklyite Brad McCauley and SECCA Marketing and PR Manager Adrienne Fletcher to sit at the table.

When I call Chef Grandinetti a rock star I mean it. From his colorful chef pants and the bacon decorated shoes, to his cool glasses and laid back charm, he is an instant friend. But now on to the food.

We started our experience with “Disco” Fries ($9). This was one of the first appetizers I have had in a long while where I found myself running my finger across the empty plate to get the last little bit of pan gravy. Yes, pan gravy. The “Disco” fries are hand-cut French fries topped with scallions, bacon, beer cheese and pan gravy.

One crazy mixture that comes together in a unique masterpiece of delight.

For my main course, I ordered the Bahnson Burger ($12).

This is topped with prosciutto ham, pimento cheese, saffron aioli, lettuce, tomato and crispy onions.

The fat, juicy burger was cooked medium rare as I had requested, was seasoned well and leaked just the right amount of juice when I took hold and bit in. The prosciutto gave the burger a very unique taste of increased seasoning and sharp flavor. Mixing in the pimento cheese and the saffron aioli only heightened the taste experience.

My fellow diners were also pleased as Wageman grabbed the Potato Chip Grouper “Sammie” ($12). This comes with Lettuce, Tomato and Sweet Red Onion and a Texas Pete infused Tarter Sauce. Wageman said that he enjoyed his very much, but couldn’t keep his eyes off my burger.

McCauley was taking the healthy path and ordered the Turkey & Avocado B.L.T. ($9). This is a wrap featuring smoked turkey, avocado, bacon, lettuce and tomato with roasted garlic mayonnaise. He too, af-ter seeing all the plates arrive at the table, couldn’t keep his eyes off my burger and made numerous comments on how good it looked and asking me how good it was. I tried to downplay it.

Fletcher went with the healthiest of all as she went with the Charred Asparagus Baguette ($12). This came with arugula, thin sliced ham and Buffalo Creek Farm goat cheese with a smoked chipotle schmear.

Of the three, she seemed the least distracted by my winning order and happily took on her delightful dish.

When we were all done, the fun didn’t stop. The hits just kept on coming as we were handed a sampling of four desserts.

The Bread Pudding ($7) was my favorite.

It featured Walnut and Brown Sugar Streusel and a Chocolate Kahlua Sauce. This was a homerun and when I complimented Chef Grandinetti he matter-of-factly gave all the credit to someone else saying, “That’s grandma’s recipe.”

We also tried the  Sun Drop Pound Cake ($8) which was served with Lemon Lime Sugar Glaze and a Lemon Ginger Sorbet as well as the Strawberry, Rhubarb, Honey Crisp ($9) featured Strawberry Gelato and a Sweet Cream and finally Maker’s Mark Bourban Flan ($5) that came with Pecan and Corn Bread Crumble with Rosemary.

After a complete filling, Chef Grandinetti, gave us a gracious tour of the restaurant and explained that the Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen & Bar opened in April 2012, and is located in the Bahnson House, a former residence in downtown Winston-Salem.

He showed us the library and through the upstairs dining facilities and said, “this is one of the last remaining homes in an area that was called Millionaire’s Row. RJR had his house across the street and his tennis courts were close as well.”

The home is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. !


Spring House Restaurant is located at 450 N. Spring St. in Winston-Salem. Open Mon-Fri from 11am-3pm and Tues-Sat from 4pm-10pm. Visit for more info or call (336)-293-4797.