by Daniel Schere | @Daniel_SchereChef Richard Miller, at left, has been with the restaurant for four years. The former WS Prime space in the Marriott Hotel has been transformed and rebranded as Graze. Chef Richard Miller tries to infuse original southern food into the menu of a corporate hotel restaurant

We don’t typically think of hotel-owned restaurants as being the most creative or the most gourmet places to eat. But step into the Marriott Hotel at 425 North Cherry Street in downtown Winston-Salem and you’ll realize that this is not your ordinary steakhouse, especially with a name like Graze.

It is described on its website as “a place where neighbors can meet, eat and drink” and features a sleek, modern seating area with a bar in the middle.

Formerly WS Prime, Graze was the product of a rebranding effort by Marriott in February that turned the restaurant from traditional American fare to native southern foods like fried green tomatoes with pimiento cheese.

“I like to cook southern cuisine but in a modern sense,” said head Chef Richard Miller.

Miller has been with the restaurant for the last four years. He said WS Prime had a loyal following, but the place needed to be upgraded in terms of food and space.

“Once the restaurants started popping up everywhere it kind of slowly died,” he said. “The recession didn’t help. It was outdated and needed to be remolded so it was just time for a facelift.”


Graze is open from 6:30 am to 11pm for dining and the lounge is open until 1 am. They are located inside the Marriott Hotel at 425 N. Cherry St. in Winston-Salem. For more information visit or call (336)-722-5232.