A face of the budget cuts

by Eric Ginsburg


Buried in the fine print of Greensboro’s proposed 2013-14 fiscal year budget are 13.9 full-time equivalent jobs that would be eliminated to help balance the city’s budget, 12 of which are currently filled, spokes person Donnie Turlington said. The cuts would affect crossing guards, a receptionist position in the housing and community development department, a full-time equivalent reduction at the Glenwood community center, a part-time aquatics position at Smith Pool and the signs and markings supervisor in the transportation department among others.

Some savings are generated by shifting the funding source for positions, like a fair housing investigator that will be covered by grant funding and contracting an analyst job in planning and community development to a non-profit. The city currently expects to save $611,000 by cutting the positions. Here is a short profile of one of the people whose jobs could be cut to give readers a sense of what is on the chopping block.

Matthew Young: Assistant director of the Greensboro Historical Museum (under the city’s libraries department) Started in January 2012 and moved from Georgia for the position Full-time, salary about $46,000

What he does: “The main thing I do is supervise and manage the public programming sections of the museum: That includes education, exhibits and programs both here and at the Caldwell Center. I’m chair of the programming team for the museum, which decides future programming.

I’m also responsible for museum communication that includes press releases, e-mail newsletters, contacting local media and things of that nature. I’m also in charge of the museum’s website and transformation to a new website. I’m the primary point of contact in the absence of the director of the museum.”

Additional responsibilities: “Basically social media, I also do some day-to-day operational items and do project management for exhibits. I’m kind of the press person and have done interviews with local TV stations and newspapers.”

Why he could be cut: “I understand that since it is the most recently created position at the museum that it was going to be cut and basically that it was hard to justify having a director and an assistant director in hard economic times.”

What will happen: “I really think that the ability of the museum to do more outreach and more community engagement is going to be impacted. The marketing initiative of the museum is going to be hampered because they’re going to have less people and still try to do more with less.

“I love Greensboro. I consider it my home. I like being involved in the young professionals locally [including SynerG’s kickball and softball teams]. I believe in the city, I believe in the museum’s mission. I’d be really sad if I ended up having to leave. I don’t feel like I’ve done what I needed to do here. There are really no other museums around here that are hiring. I’d have to leave and I really don’t want to go anywhere.”