A slice of Manhattan on Tate Street

by Joe Murphy

I shouldn’t be writing this article. Every week for the last six months I’ve gotten a sub, pizza, or a bagel and of course the fries from Manhattan Pizza and Subs. I don’t want to have to wait in line to order the best steak and cheese in Greensboro at 2 a.m.; or any time for that matter, but I’m afraid that’s what will happen when word gets out.

It’s been a lot easier to get my Manhattan fix since they changed their hours a few months back. They’re now open until 3 a.m. every night, making them a great place to grub at the end of a night out. And as varied as their menu is, you could go there every night for months and get something different each time. Of course they have pizza by the slice and pie, all of the hot and cold deli subs you could want, calzones and stromboli, appetizers, salads and vegetarian options, pasta, gyros, and — my favorite feature — the option to have any sandwich made into a bagel for $3.29 (same price as a four-inch sub).

I’ll start with the fries. They are seasoned waffle fries, and when I say “seasoned” I don’t just mean they throw some Lawry’s on them out of the fryer. Their seasoning is so perfectly blended into their fries it leaves them crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. And if you really want to top them off, get a side of honey mustard for dipping.

I ordered an Italian sub bagel when a few friends and I stopped in for a late-night feast last weekend. Since you’ve probably never had one, take my word for it: Everything — the lettuce, tomato, onion, Italian dressing, provolone, ham and salami — tastes wonderful on a toasted bagel. If you’re looking for lighter bagel fare, a bagel with cream cheese is $1.99.

My friends respectively ordered a lamb and beef gyro for $4.49, an eight-inch burger and cheese sub and eight-inch Reuben for $4.79 apiece. By all accounts the food was delectable, although the burger and cheese sub was rather filling given the two burger patties, American cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo on each four-inch half. Their subs come in four-, eight- or 12-inche versions that run from $3.29 to $6.49.

I didn’t get my usual order of an eight-inch Philly steak and cheese because I just had one a few days before. But of their four varieties of steak and cheese subs the Philly is my favorite. It comes with saut’ed onions and green peppers, lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese, house dressing and mayo. I always add mushrooms and if I’m feeling frisky I’ll ask them to add banana peppers or jalape’os. The bread is always impeccably fresh, soft and doughy even after toasting; the crunch of the veggies combined with hot chopped steak and the perfect proportion of viscosity from the mayo and dressing make it the best steak and cheese you can get for less than five bucks. Their other varieties of steak and cheese are the basic steak and cheese sub with lettuce and tomato as the only veggies, a Steak and Mushroom with mushrooms standing in for the peppers in the Philly, and a Mexican Steak and Cheese with the basic steak and provolone along with onions, banana peppers, jalape’os and cooked tomatoes.

But if you’re more in the mood for pizza, Manhattan’s got you covered too. A large one-topping pizza runs you $10.99 with a dollar more per additional topping. Or if you want a loaded pizza, a six-topping large is $16.99. But if you’re not as hungry and want something quick two slices of cheese and pepperoni with a side salad is $3.99.

Now that you know about Manhattan Pizza and Subs, be careful not to spread it around too much. The last thing their devoted customers — like me — need is for it to become another neighborhood scene.

wanna go?

Manhattan Pizza & Subs 449-B Tate St. Greensboro