AJ DiDonato

by Brian Clarey

Get a good look at this week’s Page Three model, AJ DiDonato, because she may not be long for this city. If you could hear her voice, you might recognize it from ‘“The Wicker Show,’” 98.7 Simon’s daily offering during morning drive time. But AJ’s resigned from the show, a move she insists was amicable. ‘“It was like a very loving divorce,’” she says. ‘“We wanted to try something new’… a new city’… we have so many options, even as far as LA.’” That’s right, AJ and her husband, Kevin Chez, are looking to make a move. But for now she’s content that she doesn’t have to get out of bed at 3 a.m. to be on the air by 5:30. ‘“I’ll probably sleep in a little bit, start using my gym membership, act like a wife’… I haven’t cooked a meal since we’ve been married. That’s pathetic.’”