Adam McKay

by Brian Clarey

The end of the month is man-time on YES! Weekly’s Page Three, and this week we bring you Adam McKay, a hipster in his prime, expressing his love for fine tobacco. ‘“I buy them in bulk,’” he says, showing us his extra-big pack of Marlboros. Adam is a Greensboro native who was once a student at Western Guilford High before getting his Good Enough Degree as a member of the Class of 4:00 at GTCC. He’s held a lot of jobs in fields as disparate as shoe repair and construction; he used to spin records until, as he says, ‘“someone wanted my equipment more than I did,’” and he was once a strip club DJ (ask him nice and maybe he’ll do the voice for you). These days Adam hangs out at The Flatiron, where he’s been a regular, he says, since owner Mike Mullins was just another weekend bartender. Smoke up, Adam. And thanks for being on Page Three. (see more photos of Adam on the website: