Advent, Dead Eyes and Our Last Night at Club Rain

by Heather MacIntyre

The night begins with what seems to be a little animosity outside the venue formerly known as Remix VIP. I say formerly, because the new owners have now officially changed it to Club Rain (I’m sure you’ve seen the sign), but shows are still being announced under both names.

What else would be necessary to hold here but a heavy rock show – and boy am I talking heavy. My brother (who is a young, avid metal enthusiast) was stoked for the evening, a mix of local and nationwide bands coming together on North Carolina soil. Advent (, former members of Triad’s first “hit it big” band Beloved (, holds their own in the heart of the Triad, Kernersville. Nothing says thrash like the pioneers of the NC hardcore scene finally letting loose with old friends and band mates. What about dancing? It starts off like a father slowly getting angry: Kids pace around and stretch their necks and body parts, breathing hard like they are trying to keep their cool. Then all at once the breakdown hits like an Italian stallion punch to the face, and about 30 kids explode everywhere and start thrashing about the floor, kicking, punching and hyping up the room. You can really feel the love for these guys; it’s the one performance of the evening that I notice older scene attendees that I haven’t seen in a while finally make it out to support one of their original NC favorites reincarnate.

Dead Eyes ( is probably one of the most interesting and controversial performances of the evening. We all know them from simply “being around town,” oh and posting their music player a million times a day – but there’s a reason, these kids are one of the youngest generations to finally “get it” when it comes to marketing and promotion. Not to worry though: When it comes down to the music, it’s what it’s all about. The new Spencer Chamberlain (Underoath) lookalike, Kyle, shadows his style and with probably one more year of growing out his hair, will be a dead twin. Their set has a few difficulties from a monitor and a blown speaker from a prior week, but when it comes down to it, fans were simply into it. There isn’t a lot you can do to mess up a great show when the room is filled with power metal from these guys, and the screams only get kids pumped up more. So much so, that a fight starts in the middle of the hardcore “dance” floor – you know the story: Someone was doing a round house spin kick and someone’s face happened to accidentally be in the way. From there, it spirals. Kyle yells and the song ends abruptly as he demands: “[Make] that shit to stop. If you want to fight, take it outside. That’s not what this place is about.” They finally calm down and the screeching guitars come back into play, and kids seem mellower for the rest of the evening.

The capacity stays at a steady couple hundred; it seems as if the club is on the up – they just need the initial few shows to turn the building into an all-purpose venue, and promote it enough that people start knowing about it (that’s the hardest part).

The final band of the evening is from Florida, one of the most interesting bands to come out of the current hardcore trend. Epitaph Records signed them last year, and you’d have to see them to understand why. My brother is 15 years old, just recently finished his freshmen year of high school in Kernersville… the heavy core deep screamer-vocalist for Our Last Night ( is also 15. Tell me that isn’t something you’d like to see for yourself. I remember earlier this past fall, frontman Trevor Wentworth (so adorable I want to pinch his cheeks) was posting blogs about his nervously long night waiting for the first day of high school – and now, he is standing on a box in the middle of a stage spitting water on screaming metal kids with tattoos, some twice his age. A full North American tour at 15. You’d think it’d show in his vocal range, but it doesn’t. There isn’t much difference between the gritty and loud presentation of him and Advent’s head guy Joe Musten. He stands so tall, pounding the chest on his small frame and breathing like a distorted demon into the microphone. The complimentary vocals sound a lot like Circa Survive immediately, but I suppose that’s part of the music now; everything needs more than one part to keep the modern scene interested (sometimes multiple genres of music in one song).

Check out their new album The Ghost Among Us that came out earlier this year and keep an eye on them as they’ll be finishing up the US with Finch, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, and From First To Last. Visit for more scheduled shows this month.

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