Ahlea Lu appears in new Young Thug music video

by Kashif Stone

If her various modeling appearances weren’t enough to prove that Ahlea Lu is on her way to the top, then her most recent collaboration should do the trick. The UNC-Greensboro junior announced to her 7,600 Instagram followers that her appearance in the new music video for Atlanta-based rapper Young Thug is by far her favorite project to date; and this is only the beginning. Lu is not only a force to be reckoned with, but also an influential natural beauty that aspires to become a household name.

Be El Be, Young Thug’s video director, contacted Lu via Instagram to be cast in the video for his single “For My People.” The song appears on Young Thug’s new album I’m Up released unexpectedly in February. Lu happened to be in the Atlanta area when contacted and, with excitement, accepted the proposition.

Set in Atlanta, “For My People” resembles the message of Beyonce’s controversial “Formation” music video as models march in militant style with their fists raised depicting justice and power while dressed in all black attire. “I think the video was intended to give a visual of the message behind the song,” said Lu. “The lyrics say ‘I put it down for my people, ready to die for my people,’ we are all standing together organized and ready. The message is clear that we must stand together as one to help our people and it can be applied to so many situations in life and especially for many Americans right now.”

Working on set was a cool experience for Lu although she knew what to expect from being cast in previous video shoots. However, what she found most surprising was Young Thug’s overall character.

“Everybody has preconceived notions on rappers and the image that comes along with it but he was very down to earth and genuinely nice,” she said. “Another college student in the video told me that he is a fan of Thug and happened to run into the rapper and got the chance to have a con versation with him which led to him being invited to appear in the video. Little things like this are unspoken of and sometimes go unnoticed but it goes to show that Thug has a really good heart and loves his fans.” Lu also enjoyed watching Young Thug work both on-and-off camera. His dramatic facial expressions and frequent running through the rows of models keeps the video exciting.

Although a huge collaborative effort, this isn’t Lu’s first time appearing in a major music video. In January, she starred as one of the leading ladies in the music video “On A Mission” for Atlanta-native rap trio Migos. “It’s only March, who know what the rest of the year may hold,” said Lu. “I am looking forward to doing big things.”

Lu plans to continue booking photo shoots in the future and continue pursuing her marketing degree at UNC- Greensboro. “My main goal isn’t to do video shoots since I’d rather do photo shoots and expand into the commercial market. The next videos I choose to do will reflect what I feel are appropriate for my career.” !