Allen Joines

by Yes Weekly Election Coverage

Residentialaddress: 870 Turnberry Forest Court,27106

Incumbentor challenger? Incumbent

Age: 66

Campaignwebsite or (link)

Occupationand employer: President, WinstonSalem Alliance

Previouselective experience (including election campaigns): Mayor, 2001-present

Endorsements: NC Police Benevolent Association, Winston-Salem Chronicle and Winston-Salem Journal

Civic andvolunteer experience (including service on city commissions and boards): United Way Board (chaired United Way campaign);chairman, Winston-Salem Arts Council; member, NC League of Municipalities;president, NC Metropolitan Mayors Coalition; member, NC Local GovernmentCommission; chairman, NC Economic Development Board; Salvation Army Boys ClubBoard; chairman, Triad March of Dimes; Winston-Salem Business Board; Children’sMuseum Board; Downtown Winston Salem Board; Piedmont Triad Research Park Board;Goodwill Industries Foundation Board; program chairman, LeadershipWinston-Salem

Education(highest degree attained and name of institution): MPA, University of Georgia

Partyregistration: Democrat

Where wereyou born? North Wilkesboro

When didyou move to Winston-Salem? 1971

Paidconsultants working on campaign:Mike Horn

Campaign co-chairs: Jim Shaw, Nancy Hall and Steve Strawsburg

Treasurer: William Rose

Articlesabout this candidate:

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The majority of Winston-Salem City Council declined tointervene in Kalvin Michael Smith’s federal petition for a new trial althoughcitizens have requested that the city take responsibility for a flawed policeinvestigation that arguably undermined the judicial process leading to Smith’sconviction in the brutal beating of Jill Marker. What is your position on thismatter?

I am committed to ensuring that all the relevantfacts are made known to the court and to the Attorney General. On May 14, 2013, I joined with CouncilMember Dan Besse in sending a letter to Attorney General Cooper. We said inthat letter: “It is our personal opinion that a valid question remains ofwhether Mr. Smith received assistance of counsel adequate to enable a fairdefense under the problems of this case and the conditions of his trial.” Wewent on to say: “We believe that public confidence in the administration ofjustice would be enhanced by a full review in federal court of the merits ofMr. Smith’s claims. Therefore, we encourage you to reconsider your oppositionto the federal habeas petition by Mr. Smith in this matter.”

Do you support the proposed Urban Circulator (streetcar orenhanced bus) that would connect Baptist Hospital and East Winston throughdowntown? Please explain why or why not.

The Urban Circulator can be an effectivetransportation mode and a very effective economic development generator asevidenced by the billions of dollars of new investment that has occurred inPortland, Ore. following the installation of their streetcar system. However,in order for me to support this project, it will be necessary to secure fundingsources that do not impact the taxpayers of Winston-Salem.

City council has focused on revitalizing downtown over thepast 10 years, most recently approving the first entertainment district in thecity. Should the city continue to promote intensification of shared commercialand residential uses in downtown or slow growth to protect existing businessesand homeowners?

Downtown development is crucial to the overallrevitalization of the community. Even if a business chooses to not locate downtown, they want to knowthat the core of the city is healthy. The downtown is the visual symbol of thecity to a lot of visitors and for the city to be viewed as a thriving growingplace, the core must be strong and vibrant. Working closely with the DowntownWinston-Salem Partnership and the Downtown Residents Association we willaddress any concerns of the business and residential community as to congestionor saturation of the market.

While downtown is vibrant and beautiful,areas to the immediate north and east are uninviting, underdeveloped andlacking in pedestrian-scale retail amenities. What, if anything, should be doneto extend the vitality of downtown into outlying areas?

The city has developed a program called“Revitalizing Urban Commercial Areas” (RUCA) that is intended to help rebuildsome of our older commercial areas all across the community. This program hasproven to be very effective in areas such as Liberty Street, Waughtown Street,Sprague Street, Ogburn Station area, to name a few. It would be my intention tocontinue this program and expand it to include additional areas such as NorthPatterson and Northside.

What role should city council play in the Business 40improvement project, including recommendations for traffic alignment throughdowntown when the project is completed?

The city council and mayor will make arecommendation to the state Department of Transportation relative to whichinterchanges will be kept open and other design issues. It is my intent tolisten to as many stakeholders as possible relative to which alignment worksbest for the majority of businesses and residents.

What is your position on the use of incentives to promoteeconomic development? If you support incentives, why? If not, what other toolsdoes city government have for promoting job growth?

No one likes incentives, but for our communityto be competitive, it is necessary to structure financial assistance tocompanies. The use of targeted incentives has been effective in helping the cityrecruit new businesses and retain existing businesses. The structure of these projectsis set up so that the project pays for itself and tax funds are never taken fromthe budget to pay for it. The company pays its taxes and if it has created thenumber of jobs it committed to, then the city returns a portion of the taxes tocompany for a set period of years. There are also strong repayment provisionsif the company leaves before the contract period. In the case of Dell, thecommunity received a payback of all the funds that were invested in bringingthat company here.

What is your proudest achievement?

To me, helping the community come togetheraround a common vision for our future and then developing a plan to carry outthis vision is the most important thing we have done. Prior to that occurring,the city did not have a clear direction for its future and now I believe thatwe are well underway in creating an economy that can create the jobs we wantfor all our citizens.

What’s your favorite way to unwind in Winston-Salem?

I use exercise as my way of unwinding. I workout four days a week, try to get in a round of golf and occasionally do yoga asa way of staying flexible and it also helps relieve stress.