Amanda Hancock

by Brian Clarey

In the wake of Greensboro’s debut as a tryout city for ‘“American Idol,’” we bring to Page Three Amanda Hancock of Asheboro. Amanda, who has performed at the air show and the Relay for Life in Asheboro and sung the National Anthem before a Charlotte Bobcats game, describes her musical style as ‘“kind of country,’” and she says she gave her all in the tryout for ‘“Idol’” last weekend. But because she signed a non-disclosure thingamajig all she could tell us was this: ‘“They said I wasn’t what they were looking for.’” Okay, so she didn’t make the cut ‘— but we’re more than happy to oblige her jones for the spotlight. We caught Amanda at UNCG, where she’s currently studying psychology as a hedge against the music business. Smart girl. ‘“I like all that singing stuff,’” she says. ‘“One day’….’”