Amanda Hollis

by YES! Weekly staff

AmandaHollis, our Page Three model this week, rarely feels intimidated. Butwhile hiking at Table Rock Park near Linville Gorge last summer, shecame face to face with a full-grown black bear. In that situation,conventional wisdom says you’re supposed to yell at the bear and waveyour arms. But why take chances? “I just kind of slinked off,” Amandasaid, laughing. An artist and writer, Amanda leases studio space atKrankies Coffee in Winston- Salem, where she creates with pen and ink.Earlier this month, she held her first gallery show at KrankiesWerehouse, which proved to be a positive experience. “I really went inwith no expectations and have been thrilled with the outcome,” shesaid. Ambition is not a big deal for Amanda. Simply being a part of thearts community in Winston-Salem is a reward in itself. “I guess I justtend to do things for fulfillment and enjoyment,” she said.