Amber Kimball

by the YES! Staff

Amber Kimball

photo by Kenny Lindsay

Ready for your medicine? Amber Kimball, 19 going on 20, is studying to be a nurse at Alamance Community College. But she has already started helping people. “My favorite class is psychology. The study of the mind is useful for a lot of things, like sleeping problems, and especially boys,” she says. “Now my friends all come to me for help. Especially with boys. I’m not going to say I’m always right, though.” Her own love life, however, is fairly stable. “I’ve been with my boyfriend for about a year. I think psychology helped us sort out some problems.” Kimball is cruising through the first semester of her two-year nursing program. “The hardest part is prioritizing. Taking four classes at once is quite a lot to accomplish. But I’m passing them, so it’s all good.”