America: Land of liberty, land of exceptionalism

by Claire Hider

There, barely seen in the swirling mist, is the Lady Liberty.

She stands proud, her green arm resolutely holding the flame of freedom.

A man is silently watching her, tears steadily streaming down his face. His mind has finally grasped the reality of his future: He is now part of the American Dream.

Gladly he accepts the rules of this young nation, rules founded on capitalism and natural law. He knows that each night he lays his head to rest, America will not change by the next morning. Always will this country’s promise of egalitarianism, the right to equality, stand as firm as its Lady.

America’s moral government will ensure this man is encouraged to prosper; allowed to retain all that is fairly his; and most of all, free to discover new opportunities. Until now, like countless others, this man has only been a slave to an uncaring regime; a mere pawn used to make political power falsely flourish. But from this moment on, his rights are inalienably his.

With a lifetime of independence before him, he turns away from the statue that has been hope for so many. Unashamed of the tears still falling from his eyes, this man walks into the streets of his homeland.

All over the world the United States of America has been the desired standard to individuals forced to live in countries less sophisticated. America has shown the nations with its belief in natural rights that it is in a class all by itself. Also, what other country can boast a constitution dedicated to being even more perfect; establishing justice; insuring domestic tranquility; providing for the common defense; promoting general welfare; and securing the blessings of liberty not only to themselves, but to the generations that will follow?

This is American Exceptionalism. Whether born on the foundation of everlasting liberty, or bred on the toils of slavery, Americans can share in the benefits of a realm far more exceptional. This author is definitely proud to be an American.

Moreover, American Exceptionalism and patriotism walk arm in arm. Americans cannot genuinely love the country in which they live and not feel that it is incomparable to other nations. Those who fight — and perhaps die — for the United States of America believe their land is exceptional or they could not devotedly rush to defend its standards.

Can anyone who calls oneself an American not feel her heart swell with garnered pride at the mention of this hallowed ground; and is that not the definition of patriotism? No American should hear the National Anthem or the Pledge of Allegiance and not feel their throat tighten in shared honor. As previously stated, this author is proud to be an American and blessed to share in the liberties given to citizens by others who love our country, too. A house divided can never stand, and a land without dedication will be reduced to rubble. America is exceptional because it is filled with patriotic people who are committed to keeping it perpetually indivisible. The United States of America is a land where things ultimately thought impossible are within grasp. Tenets are not relinquished, free trade prospers. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the Cape Hatteras Light House, the path to paradise is brightly lit. Many have taken the road to the New Land. More have immigrated to America than emigrated. And this offer of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is still open to anyone who dares to dream.

American Exceptionalism is seen on the face of the boy patriotically waving the Stars and Stripes; in the song of the jubilant woman fervently stating the Oath of Allegiance; and in the valor of the soldier protecting his motherland so that when others see the Statue of Liberty they know their most ardent fantasies have come to life.

This is the winning entry from the Conservatives for Guilford County’s first Student Essay Contest. Claire Hider is a 10th grader, home-schooled in Guilford County through Legacy Christian Academy.