Amos Lee, up and down the charts, out of seclusion

by Heather MacIntyre

Amos Lee at High Point Theatre

I’m not sure if there has ever been a wider variety summer weekend of concerts for you to choose from. And if you hold broad and eclectic music tastes like myself you might find yourself going out a few nights in a row. Thursday is the new Friday — and I almost dropped dead when I heard internationally-renowned blues-folk artist Amos Lee ( is starting the weekend off at the High Point Theatre ( His most recent album Last Days at the Lodge was released on Blue Note Records, and continues to teeter up and down the charts week by week like Chutes and Ladders. His full, two-month US tour ends just short of October in New Orleans, when I’m sure he will be crawling back into the hole he hides in away from the public yet again. Take advantage of this opportunity! (RIYL: Johnny Lang, Ben Sollee or a cleaner-vocal version of Jeff Buckley.) This is one of the most talented acousticsoul artists you could have the opportunity to see live today, let alone in our very own theater. Haven’t been to it before? It’s located within the International Home Furnishings Center at the corner of East Commerce Avenue and South Hamilton Street in downtown High Point. www. for tickets.

Nirvana Tribute at Greene Street Club Friday night possesses the potential for one of the best tribute-show line-ups I’ve seen in too long. Chicago’s national ultimate tribute band for ’90s grunge kings, Nirvana, was named Nevermind (, after their sophomore and most popular album. Nevermind has more than 17 years of musical touring under their belts, involving previous projects and endeavors. But these die-hard Nirvana men go all the way to the point of dressing and styling thermselves in the same manner as the original trio: Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl. And no one can get enough Dave Grohl lately it seems, which is good news for Greene Street ( on this eve of rock, because one of the opening bands happens to be 100 Yorktown (, a tribute to Foo Fighters. This Chapel Hill alternative-rock band is posing as Foo Fighters for the night to cover a set of one of their biggest musical influences. Hephystus (www. will be performing as Metallica for the evening, with the addition of more cover-group openers. Better news: If you’re old enough to drive, you’re old enough to rock out at this event.

Conor Oberst at the Cat’s Cradle He’s been repeatedly referred to as this generations Bob Dylan: the luscious, lyric-driven, heart-aching, indie-rock prince of the Midwest… Conor Oberst ( Cat’s Cradle ( hosts a special Sunday evening with the artist and his back-up band, which seems to change every album. This summer it’s the Mystic Valley Band. But you won’t catch him responding to “Bright Eyes” any longer. Oberst he has recently retired from Saddlecreek Records and joined North Carolina’s Merge Records. By the time you read this, his new album will have just hit the shelves, and this show will be the third of his August tour to introduce it to the public. Known for his talented metaphor writing, emotionally shaky voice and progressive maturation into a more Southern alt-folk/ country music path — his performance is guaranteed to engrave itself in the concert-memory cabinet of your brain. Opening the show this evening is Evangelicals (www. and the Triangle’s I Was Totally Destroying It (