Amuse Bouche

by Brian Clarey

Got way too much towrote about this week and not much space in which to do it, so here’s abarrage of short-burst tidbits designed to get your intellectualsalivary glands flowing. Brew Nerds, the Winston-Salem coffeehouse which manages to boost the status of both jittery caffeinejunkies and pocket protectors, has opened its second outpost indowntown Winston-Salem on West 4th Street, in the location that wasonce SIN Coffee Bar. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Barhas released its annual Fleming’s 100 list of great wines by the glass,focusing this year on green wineries. Check out flemingssteakhouse.comto view their choices. Undercurrent restaurant in Greensboro hasannounced its pairing menu for June, and because of the warm weatherI’m leaning towards the white menu, which features as its second coursea salmon and crab mousse cake with chive sour cream and crisp shallots,paired with a 2005 Patient Cotat Sancerre. The website,, will of course have more details. The ForsythMedical Center will be staging farmers markets at five of itsWinston-Salem locations during the month of June, open to employees andthe general public, in an effort to encourage people to eat more fruitsand vegetables. Call Freda Springs at 336.277.8601 for dates andlocations – sorry Freda, can’t fit it all here this week. Speakingof… the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market holds Wingfest on Saturday,where area wingmongers will compete for best in the Triad. If meat’snot your thing, the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market stages Veggiefest onthe same day. I suggest hitting both. Earth Fare in Greensborocelebrates Dog Days of Summer Cookout and Adoption Fair, also onSaturday beginning at 11 a.m. There will be live music, all-natural hotdogs for a buck and many, many cute little puppies up for adoption. OnSunday at the Greensboro Arboretum, Joie de Vivre and Resources forArtful Living bring out the faeries for the Summer Solstice and GoddessMarket. Check out for more info on that one. BonefishGrill will be serving Icelandic Arctic charr – that’s a rich, flaky,cold-water fish that’s quite high on Omega-3s – through June 30, andalso a chance to win a trip to Iceland at TheGrove Winery is marketing a frozen drink made from – oh yeah – wine,and they are trying to come up with an appropriate name for theconcoction, which will be vended from margarita machines. Go to take a look at the current nominees, or try to someup with one on your own. Or just go down to the winery and get yourselfone. Whew… I think I got everythiong in. If you feel left out,e-mail your press releases and info on the Triad culinary scene to meat And drink more frozen wine.