Amuse Bouche

by Brian Clarey

The seasonal wheelturned another notch this past week as temperatures hunkered down onthe high end of the thermometer. That extra burst of heat and humidityin North Carolina means that the green beans, cucumbers, peaches andwatermelon are ready to start coming in at area farmers markets andproduce aisles. You’ve got to love the North Carolina Triad ifyou love fresh, local produce. But recently I was reminded of anotherseasonal agricultural product that I’ve been neglecting for years. Wedon’t grow artichokes in North Carolina – Jerusalem artichokes don’tcount – but they do flourish in Italy, where it still grows in thewild, and on farms in California. It is a composite flower, and we eatthe immature buds. I like them stuffed with garlic and breadcrumbs andthen roasted, but steaming works, too. I think I can get one more batchin before spring officially ends. Still hung up on eating local?Get down to Deep Roots Market next Tuesday to kick off the Eat LocalAmerica Challenge, which charges participants with restricting 80percent of their diet – four out of five meals – solely to locallygrown and produced food. Recipes and some basic instruction start at 8p.m. See for more details, or call the store at336.292.9216. In other local food news, Skip “The Prize Guy”Sher, of “The Wicker Show” on 98.7 Simon FM, has teamed with his wifeMelissa to open a Hungry Howie’s Pizza in Greensboro on FriendlyAvenue. I’ve yet to eat Hungry Howie’s pies, but Sher assures methey’re solid. The guy knows his eats, but I’ll have to go check it outfor myself, coming soon. Until then, you can get the deal The Press Wine Caf’, interjecting a bit ofinternational flair in this locals-only version of Amuse Bouche, hostsa Greek wine dinner on Wednesday at 7 p.m. Seven courses, featuringhorta me skortha, arni fornou and moussaka, will be paired with sevenGreek wines, which should give you some idea as top why Greeks alwayssmash their plates after a meal. At least they did that one time on”Three’s Company.” See or call 336.333.3190 formore information. One of our local winemakers, Grove Winery& Vineyards, will hook up with the Haw Rover Canoe Company to puttogether a paddle trip and dinner at the Grove. The evening includes acouple hours of paddling and splashing on the river before amulti-course wine dinner. For details go to Something tell me my friend Pam had something to do with this one. Lastly:How’s your pie? Lucky 32 restaurant is looking for some great ones…pies, that is… to add to their dessert menu. So if you think you’vegot a really good pie, fix it up and go to to let themknow. About your pie.