Amuse Bouche

by Brian Clarey

There is a new restaurant on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Macondo, that is serving a frozen avocado cocktail, and I want one toots suite. The drink, the aguacate mescal contains Cointreau, tequila, agave nectar, honey, lime juice and Agwa, a liqueur made from the coca leaf. Yeah, that coca leaf. It’s blended with ice and served in a salted glass, and dammit, can anybody around here make me one of those? For realsies — it’s hot out there. For now I’ll have to make do with the Doubleshot on Ice at Starbucks, something to which I’ve become more or less addicted since the weather turned so steamy. The big one — a venti, in the ’Bucks parlance — contains five shots of espresso layered with steamed milk and with just a couple squirts of simple syrup. It’s a blaster. And though Starbucks has announced plans to close 600 of its stores, we in the Triad have mercifully been spared. Just one of our beloved Starbucks is closing — store 8716 at Harper Hill Commons in Winston-Salem. And there’s always the bounty that is North Carolina’s culinary scene. Mediterraneo, a new restaurant specializing in Italian and Lebanese fusion, opened last week in the Villages at North Elm in Greensboro. Combining the lush flavors of Italian cuisine with the healthy, organic diet of Lebanon is an interesting twist, and I’ll be checking it out soon. For now, visit their website, Greensboro-based Libby Hill seafood restaurants, specializing in Calabash-style fish and hush puppies, will be converting its ample supply of fryer grease into biodiesel through an arrangement with Patriot Biodiesel. According to a press release, Libby Hill generates up to 120,000 pounds of grease a year. And Patriot will in turn supply the chain with 200-300 gallons of biodiesel, which will run in any diesel-powered vehicle, a month. Sounds like a pretty good deal. And if you like your seafood boiled — talkin’ ’bout shrimps, y’all — hit downtown Winston-Salem on Tuesday nights for Shrimp Boil & Beach Music Night at the Fourth Street Filling Station (www. I recommend the steam pot, with all sorts of goodies. The Greensboro Farmers Curb Market holds Tomato Day on Saturday, with more than 20 types of tomatoes and some rare heirloom breeds. Also, possibly because this is an election year, there will be a vote for the favorite tomato. Greensboro’s EarthFare holds a weight loss seminar next Monday at 9 a.m.. Few details are available. Also, WFMY’s has compiled a restaurant report card database with more than 4,000 restaurants in six counties. Consult it before you take your next restaurant meal.