Amuse Bouche’


Here’s a nightmare scenario: It’s around noonish on Thanksgiving day. The turkey browns serenely in the oven (or, if you’re a fan of deep-fried bird, the oil is heating to its blistering hot peak); the gravy simmers and thickens; the brown sugar atop the sweet potato casserole acquires a carmelized crust; and you’ve just popped your first beer, because, what the hell… it’s Thanksgiving.

Then you notice that there’s not a can of cranberry sauce in the house, and there’s not enough time to fake it with Jell-O or something.

What, pray tell, do you do?

Well, you go to the grocery store, fool, and buy a couple cans. And get more beer while you’re at it.

Not every grocery store in the Triad will keep hours on Turkey Day – Fresh Market, for example, gives all their employees the day off. But lucky for you a few Scrooge-like grocery chains will be available for last-minute purchases.

All Harris Teeter stores in the Triad will be open until 2 p.m. These guys saved my butt one year when I realized I was out of bread crumbs for the stuffed mushrooms I like to make.

Food Lion gives eleventh-hour chefs an extra 60 minutes, closing all its Triad locations at 3 p.m.

The big-box stores may be the friendliest of all for those who need to make emergency bread runs while the carving gets done – both K-Mart Super Centers and Super Wal-Marts will experience no change in hours on Thanksgiving Thursday.

Humbug, indeed!

And if your tastes run to the more salubrious, Triad-area organic grocery chains will also be keeping holiday hours. Earth Fare in Greensboro will be open from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Thursday, and Winston-Salem’s Whole Foods Market will keep identical hours.

In non-turkey-related news, Whole Foods will conduct a store tour on Wednesday. In an event titled “Healthy Holiday Groceries,” store dietician Dayle Fuentes will guide customers on a tour of the aisles with nutritious and light holiday food ideas.

And if your tryptophan intake doesn’t leave you bedridden for days afterwards, hit Ziggy’s in Winston-Salem this weekend for the final Thanksgathering pot-luck suppers on Saturday and Sunday before the joint makes like YES! Weekly and heads downtown.

What else you want to know?

The Grove Winery will hold a holiday open house on Friday and Saturday.

Dewey’s Bakery of Winston-Salem, makers of fruitcakes, sugar cookies, Moravian sugar cakes and savory cheese straws, opens their holiday locations in Greensboro this month. The wares will be available at Four Seasons Towne Center, the Shoppes at Wendover Village and in the Ben & Jerry’s at the Shops on Friendly. Or you can visit the mothership on Indiana Avenue in the Twin City. Your call.