Amuse Bouche’

by Brian Clarey

The Big Feed is almost over – just a couple more weeks of gorging ourselves before we all swear off gluttony like drunks fresh off a binge and vow to, if not start hitting the gym regularly again, at least drop back to three meals a day.

And it’s business as usual at the restaurants in the Triad during these last days of December – holiday menus and eggnog-flavored martinis and maybe something with gingerbread or pumpkin for dessert. But there are a few items of note.

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar in Greensboro has decided to serve its Sunday prime rib special during the week. You can now get the 12-ounce cut, which comes with a trio of sauces, a salad and dessert, every day of the week.

And the Earth Fare culinary series doesn’t take a hiatus during the holidays. On Wednesday in Greensboro learn to make cranberry bulgur salad at noon, with whole grains and ripe fruit.

Whole Foods Market in Winston-Salem will hold a BestHealth tour on Wednesday at 11 a.m. Store dietician Dayle Fuentes will act as guide, giving tips and suggestions on healthy and delicious eating.

Still, it’s a slow time in the food news biz, unless you want to talk about Christmas cookies, hangover cures or the turducken, And I don’t.

But I do want to talk about all the restaurant robberies that have been going down in the Triad these last few months. Most of the targets have been fast-food joints in the area of Greensboro east of Highway 29 and High Point Road, and most of the robberies have been of the grab-and-go style. Still, we wish all our fast-food friends health and safety until this problem gets under control.

I would also like to note a story that came out of Trousdale County, Tenn. concerning an underground cave beneath a private home that was used as a marijuana farm until a bust in 2005 out the property at government auction. Then Roth KJase USA Ltd., a cheesemaker from Wisconsin, bought the property for $285,000. They plan to age cheese in the weed cave, which has the perfect combination of darkness, cool temperature and consistent humidity to age cheese.

Might we suggest a few names for this new cheese: smokin’ cheddar, gor-bong-zola, really baked brie and Monterey crack.

How about one more?

SynerG, the young professionals’ arm of Action Greensboro, is compiling a definitive guide to cheap eats in the Gate City. If you have any suggestions, e-mail the name of the restaurant, a description of the deal and the place’s contact information to