Amuse bouché: 3.14.07

by Brian Clarey

I enjoy making fun of public relations flackery as much (or maybe even more so) than the next wannabe food writer, but honestly, without those flacks this column would consist of a listing of independently-owned restaurant closings and some bitching about The New York Times Dining & Wine section.

For example, it was account executive Emily Swan of Fishman Public Relations in Deerfield, Ill. who alerted me to the fact that Thomas Jones, a delivery driver for a Greensboro Steak-Out restaurant, while delivering a steak that was, no doubt, tender and juicy to the Red Carpet Inn, noticed a fire raging in back of the building. Jones alerted the hotel manager and together they extinguished the blaze.

And it was Cher Murphy, a vice president at NewsworthyStories (which may or may not be a PR firm) who sent me the announcement that a recent Journal of the American Medical Association article about the healthful properties of fish (omega 3s and all that) means that “Medical Professionals Say Yes to Farmed Raised Salmon.” At least that’s what the headline reads. And in the body text is a juicy quote from Salmon of the Americas President Rafael Puga.

And where would I be without Jill Klosowski of Canadian PR firm Leading Brands, Inc. who alerted me to the existence of TrueBlue blueberry beverages, touting the superior antioxidant activity of the noble fruit and the designation “best new blueberry beverage in 2005” that was awarded to TrueBlue by the North American Blueberry Council. She also sent samples of the drink – one original blueberry and another blueberry pomegranate blend – which are indeed delicious, possibly because they are loaded with 52 grams of sugar per 16-ounce bottle.

I found out about International Eat an Animal for PETA Day – which falls on Thursday – from the internet, though, because the flesh-eaters lack any serious PR savvy. That won’t stop me from enjoying a nice, big breakfast of bacon and eggs on Thursday, possibly while wearing fur.

Local public relations efforts clued me in to the following events:

Earth Fare will be unveiling their remodeled store on Battleground Avenue, including a new pizza station, on Thursday with an all-day event that features a free continental breakfast at 7 a.m. and free samples until sundown.

The Press Wine Café will resume outdoor seating, according to their newsletter, soon. They will also be hosting a four-course Longview Vineyards wine dinner on Sunday with an entrée of panko-crusted lamb chops.

And the Junior League of High Point is hosting its second annual Kitchen Thyme Tour, showcasing the kitchens of eight High Point homes, each with cooking demos and free samples. Call 336.889.5479 for more details.

Also: Panko is Japanese breadcrumbs, in case you’re wondering.