Andrew Dudek and Blake Faulkner

by Brian Clarey

The holidays are romantic, are they not? So who can blame us for putting a couple of lovebirds in the Local Talent section this week. Join us, won’t you, in offering our fondest congratulations to this week’s Page Three couple, Andrew Dudek and Blake Faulkner, who are to be married Thursday at Blandwood. Dudek, as all the hipster kids know, is a partner in the Flying Anvil and longtime owner of Gate City Noise, obligations he will be free from come Jan. 1. “I see a bunch of eBay that’s gonna happen, but other than that I’m gonna be at home, fixing up the house a little bit,” he says. “Just not working so much.” He’s also the keeper of one of the finest beards in Guilford County. His bride is currently pursuing a degree in Chinese medicine at a Taoist school in Asheville, and they’ll take their honeymoon in the summer after she finishes her studies. We wish them a long and harmonious future together.