Angela Wood

by Brian Clarey

We caught up with this week’s Page Three model, Angela Wood, on her lunch break, a 1-hour respite from her job selling ravioli for Drake’s Fresh Pasta Co. in High Point. “We’ve got all kinds,” she says. “Pumpkin, butternut squash, lobster, shrimp and grits, chocolate’….” The 26-year-old native of Tampa, Fla. has been in Greensboro for about four years after being transferred while working for Del Monte, the fruit cocktail people. And she’s as good an advertisement for the better life here in town as anybody. Shortly after relocating here she was joined by her teenage sister and then by her parents, who got here in February. And Angela found her niche in short order. “I like hanging out downtown,” she says. “Much, the N Club, the Red Room’… not that I’m a party girl.” She also hits the weights at Extreme Fitness, a short piece down the road from the YES! Weekly offices, just about every day. “The gym is my second home,” she says. Which is a good thing, we guess, if she’s going to be sampling all of that ravioli.