Anna Knott

Five years from now, ina perfect world, Anna Knott will be a jet-setting, trend-making fashiondesigner. For now, she’s an art student at Forsyth Tech Middle Collegeand the Career Center, and her own personal designer and model. Knottwears a “funky but classic style,” involving layering and mismatcheditems of retro and haute couture. She doesn’t worry about breakingfashion rules: “I now you’re not supposed to wear a really long shirtwith a mid-length skirt, but if it looked good and it went together Imight wear it.” The daughter of a local designer, style is in her DNA.That makes her stand out.

“Peopleask me if I’m from here, and I say ‘Well yeah, why?’ and they say,‘Well you dress differently,’ and I don’t know how to take that. But Iguess it’s positive.”