Another fine mess

by YES! Weekly staff

Here’s the thing: The Masters of the Universe want a trillion or so bucks because, after treating the US economy and its citizens in the same manner as a successful pimp treats his “bitches,” they have finally broken the system. To hear President Bush put it, you’d think the sky is falling. And, we guess, it’s possible that it is. The problem, of course, is that Bush, his cabinet and everyone he’s been associated with these last eight years have squandered their allotment of integrity and political capital just as they squandered the budget surplus they inherited from the last guy. Frankly, we just don’t believe him. And why should we? The list of bad judgments, wrong callsand outright lies from this administration is far too long to listhere. And we’re not so sure this isn’t just another power grab alongthe same lines as the Patriot Act, only this time he’s givingunprecedented powers to the Treasury Department instead of to himselfand Buckshot Cheney.

The problem with pushing the fear button is that, after eight years, we are more afraid of the man and his policies than any disaster he portends. The situation must be especially troubling for good Republicans who have stood by while this man betrayed their loyalties and made an absolute mockery of the very pillars of their faith: small government, low taxes, responsibility and — most important — accountability. GOP heavyweights in Congress and the Senate are finally mustering some outrage, long overdue, towards the man who oversaw a tripling in price of an absolutely essential commodity, started an unjust war based on his daddy issues and watched the city of New Orleans drown in a stew of incompetence and corruption. They’re already working the spin at the White House, calling this a “rescue” package instead of a bailout, hinting towards doom and gloom if we don’t do exactly what they say immediately, and no questions, please. But let’s call it what it really is: socialism, which is a terrible thing when it applies to enabling all Americans to visit the doctor and dentist regularly but is apparently perfectly appropriate when rich people overplay their hand. The ironies abound: the CEO presidency laid low by inept management and a fundamental misunderstanding of the economy, greedy Wall Street players who sucked all the cash out of our economy and now turn their collective eye towards the US Treasury, the boy who cried wolf now facing an actual, breathing monster. But perhaps the most bitter irony of them all is the notion that only socialism can save capitalism, and the idea that maybe the free market is the thing that only works on paper.

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