April LaCoste

by Brian Clarey

‘“You gonna put my hobbies in there?’” asks this week’s Page Three Girl, April LaCoste, as she sits astride Jethro, the mechanical bull corralled in a corner of Arizona Pete’s. April, a red-headed, green-eyed lefty born on April Fools’ Day, likes SCUBA (most recently in St. Maarten), golf (she claims to shoot an 85) and basketball (look out when she gets hot behind the three-point line). She also says she’s a cowgirl who loves horses, so she can handle the slowly spinning and lightly bucking bull with ease, while still posing for Lee Adams’ camera with consummate professionalism. April has done quite a bit of modeling in her career. Now, at 40, she runs a modeling agency, Promodels, from her home where most of her clients, she says, are from the firearms industry. ‘“Girls with guns,’” she says. April also works as a sales rep for Quality Printing and raises her three children. When the shoot’s over, her preternaturally green eyes blaze as she takes the bull for a ride.