Ardmore area in Winston-Salem sees boost in crime

by Britt Chester @awfullybrittish

The Ardmore neighborhood in Winston-Salem, which roughly blankets the residences and businesses from Peters Creek Parkway to Knollwood Street and between Business 40 and Silas Creek, has seen a surge in local crime as of late.

Or maybe it’s just that the residents are starting to speak up about it and want it to change.

A meeting has been set for Wednesday, July 29 at Miller Park Recreation Center at 7 p.m. with the Winston-Salem Police Department where residents will be given the opportunity to voice their concerns.

The crimes range from car theft, assault, home breakins, and burglary, but it’s become such an issue that an entire Facebook group has taken to sharing all of their horror stories, as well as possible solutions to the problem.

Teresa Davis, a four-year resident of the neighborhood, has watched as more and more events have unfolded in the neighborhood, even becoming the victim of a car break-in recently.

“We have an alarm system, I have flood lights in the backyard, and I leave all my outdoor lights on, which you’d think would deter somebody,” Davis said. She said that her car was recently burglarized, but the thieves were only able to make off with $15 in loose change. She called the Winston-Salem Police Department to file an incident report.

The amount of vehicle and home break-ins has nearly doubled since the June, despite a pair of coeds being arrested in early July who were in possession of reported stolen goods.

Kelsey Severa and Ryan Sprinkle were arrested at the Innkeeper Hotel in late June and both were arrested and charged with multiple counts of theft and drug possession. But the crime has persisted.

Sam Young, a recent transplant to the neighborhood who grew up in Winston-Salem but moved away briefly for schooling, thinks that it might have something do with kids being out of school and bored in the summer.

“When we moved back we thought it was like-minded folks, nice people, good families, but we were certainly surprised with this Ardmore neighborhood,” Young said. Young and his family live near Hawthorne in the heart of Ardmore. “We moved from Sunset over to here because we thought it would be more into Ardmore and safer, like nothing like that happened over here”¦” As of this writing, there have been more than a dozen vehicle break-ins and nearly 20 home break-ins in Ardmore.

What is the solution to this? Hopefully the meeting at Miller Park Rec Center will provide some solutions to the problem, but for right now just keep all of your valuables out of your car.

As for the home security measures, there are motion sensor lights and cameras that automatically turn on when an object passes in front. These won’t necessarily deter thieves and criminals, but anything that sheds light on them is good. !

WANNA go?A meeting will be held at Miller Park Recreation Center on Wednesday, July 29 at 7 p.m. It is open to all residents. Miller Park Recreation Center is located at 400 Leisure Lane, Winston-Salem 27103.