Art is in the air for the season of autumn

by Jim Dowell Jr.

Fall is on the minds of everyone, and now seems to be tempting us with cooler temperatures and promises of relief from the dreadful summer heat. The weather has been miserable, and from what I can tell it has affected gallery sales citywide. Gallery owners and managers relish the change of scenery in the fall, and beyond that, the winter holidays. Pick your favorite artists and galleries now to watch for holiday treats and specials alike.

With schools back in session, all galleries should be back to their normal hours and schedules for the rest of the year. College museums, galleries and collections are always a good way to spend an afternoon. Feel free to check out the goodies at Bennett College, UNCG, the Weatherspoon Art Museum, A&T University, and Guilford College. Call the numbers listed in the phone book, or the actual gallery numbers themselves if available, and they will be more than happy to accommodate you.

‘• 2 Sisters Gallery is hosting ‘“The Great Outdoor Sculpture Garden Gallery,’” an unprecedented art event for Greensboro. They have created an outdoor gallery setting for this show, and filled it with imaginative and diverse sculptures that can be used for indoor or outdoor décor. The show features over two dozen sculptures representing 11 local sculptors including Carolyn Owen, Erik Beerbower, Jim Cooper, Jacob DeCola, Jim Gallucci, Scott Harris, Brian Hibbard, Kathleen Reese, Ernest and Lois Rich, and Lloyd Simpson. There is a Meet the Artists reception on Saturday, Sept. 17, from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. Check it out for some really intriguing works. The show runs current through Oct. 28.

‘• Recently I visited many of the downtown galleries and I must say, we have some beautiful works being displayed. I went ‘undercover,’ dressed in shorts, T-shirt, and sunglasses, and was enlightened as to how you may be treated depending on your style of dress. Galleries, you must make everyone feel welcome regardless of what you think of their dress, or general appearance. In these days where art purchases are a luxury and not a necessity, you cannot afford to ignore anyone. One rather large gallery (which will remain unnamed) did not bother to even acknowledge my presence, despite the fact that I was in obvious awe of a piece of lighted sculpture. Only when I was leaving did some noted members of the art community speak to me, and they were not associated with the gallery. I must also add that there were only five other customers there at the time, so it was not because of being too busy to assist. I will spotlight that gallery at a later date when I can do so positively. Please galleries: take care of the customer!

‘• If you have not visited Ambleside Gallery you are missing a treasure. Aside from being just beautiful, the place exudes pure class. Gracious staff is attentive, and the exhibitions are absolutely lovely. It is worth a trip downtown just to visit here ‘— but don’t stop there. Elm Street is wildly abundant with renewed energy, and there are plenty of places to go and see. I am going to devote a whole Saturday soon to just explore and see everything. Lots of restaurants and little shops make for an interesting outing. Fincastle’s, Undercurrent and Liberty Oak all have great lunch menus. The crowds are not bad at lunch and the pace is quick. Ellenburg and Shaffer Glass Art Studios have amazing glass doors, windows, and objects d’art to choose from. Custom work is available for order, and on-site inventory is available for purchase.

‘• And while you’re downtown, the Marshall Gallery is always a good place to check out what’s new and interesting in Greensboro. With 11 in-house artists and an abundance of items to choose from, you’re sure to be able to find something you like. They are great about choosing diverse artists to show, and always ready to help you with any questions you may have. The formal showroom will be hosting its first ever full sculpture show featuring Frank Holder. The reception for that show will be Friday (9/9) from 6 to 9 p.m.

‘• Three artists from 2 ArtChicks have been accepted into the Watercolor Society of North Carolina. Carol Meetze-Moates, Chuck McLachlan and Allie Scott will have works displayed at Salem College in Winston-Salem. The show opens Oct. 15, and we congratulate all three of them. Call the gallery for more information on the show in Winston-Salem.

‘• I would like to thank all of you for the warm reception you have given me at YES! Weekly. A writer’s satisfaction usually comes from pleasing others, or touching them in some way, and I was truly touched by the responses I received from last month’s article on Will King, Mary Jane Anderson and Janice Brooks. Thank you to those of you who helped me get that together, and those who asked that something be published in tribute to them. I hope to keep touching hearts and souls in a positive way.

‘• On a different note, sometimes we receive really odd information from strange sources. Such was true in the form of a rambling five-page letter from someone who lives in Florida, with Piedmont connections. Thank you for the entertaining letter, dear person, and know that your identity and your source will remain ‘safe,’ even though it is obvious to all concerned as to who you are. (Deep Throat for Now was a cute name to sign off with too.)

Enjoy your Indian Summer, and let’s look forward to a beautiful fall in the Piedmont Triad. I’ll see you in October, when Canvas will be going on the road in addition to checking out what is going on in Greensboro. We will be checking out Mayberry Days, the Autumn Leaves Festival in Mt. Airy and others to be determined. Take care!