Aspiring make-up artist optimistic about the future

“When you get into the profession of being a successful makeup artist, you begin to realize it is literally an art. It isn’t about the products and brands used, but more so about execution, technique, and talent,” said Tyri Simien, an aspiring make-up artist from Charlotte, North Carolina. Simien is a senior attending UNC-Greensboro pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies.

Simien’s first began wearing makeup at a young age when she danced in recitals and at local competitions. Her mother, who she deems her biggest supporter, would do her make-up for every performance. During her years in high school, she began to experiment with different cosmetics. She would wear simple make-up such as powdered foundation, mascara and lip-gloss.

Simien began researching and experimenting with make-up on her own when she began attending college. “The first technique I started learning was eyebrows. I went through different phases with shaping my eyebrows but now I believe I have mastered the skill,” said Simien. She also developed her craft by watching tutorials of various make-up artists such as Jackie Aina, BeatFaceHoney, Sonjdra Deluxe, Patrick Star and Stahr Milan. “They really inspire and motivate me to get better and better.”

An unforgettable experience in her make-up journey was meeting one of her biggest idols, Bayo Brown, also known as Face God. “Having the opportunity to get my make-up done by Bayo really changed my perspective on everything I knew about make-up,” said Simien. “I realized I had so much to learn and I was even more determined to continue my journey to become a quality make-up artist. I paid close attention to the products he used and analyzed the finished masterpiece to compare it to my own work. After that day, my execution and skill level improved.”

During the past few months, Simien became more serious about her craft by taking it to the next level. She was invited to do make-up at a fashion show for a model mentoring company in Charlotte where she earned recognition and compensation for her work. In September, she was given the opportunity to do make-up for the models of Greensboro fashion week held at the downtown Marriot hotel. “Greensboro Fashion Week was very professional and it really expanded my clientele although it wasn’t a paid gig. It is a wonderful opportunity to do volunteer work when you are just starting out. I am just trying to establish a name for myself,” said Simien.

Simien believes that she has always been an artist. Her passion for makeup has led her to start her own brand entitled Imzious Make-up. Simien defines Imzious as the immunization from all judgments and the ability to accept ones self-entirety and oversee the outside opinion. “Imzious is about confidence and empowerment to embrace your own inner beauty,” said Simien. “It is a play on the word “envious” but I wanted to take the negative meaning and turn it into a positive message for those who struggle with insecurity.” Imzious is intended to inspire people of all genders, race, and sexuality to be themselves regardless of the outcome.

In the future, Simien wishes to start her own make-up artist mentoring company. The company will train a group of ambitious aspiring make-up artists to develop quality skills by learning from the best. She wants her business to grow into a well-known agency and continue to inspire and teach the art of make-up. Until then, she is excited about graduating in May and continuing to perfect her craft through experience and more opportunities. !