Audio of 911 call from Center Pointe resident regarding noise complaint

by Ben Holder

YES! Weekly has obtained the audio of the 911 call and the identity of the person that complained about the noise coming from Greene Street Nightclub last Wednesday night. The complaint came from downtown resident Glenn Romano, who is the husband of Downtown Greensboro Inc. board member, Theresa Yon.In the audio, which you can listen to here, Romano claims that Greene Street was “playing music outside.” However, that was not the case. In fact, the police that responded to the 911 call and did not find any noise violations.It’s surprising that residents of Center Pointe would direct noise complaints to Guilford Metro 911 when Greensboro has such bigger fish to fry. It’s equally surprising that Romano would twist things to get police attention. There was no music being played outside at Greene Street at all that night as Romano claimed. It has been well documented that many of the Downtown Noise complaints come from Center Pointe, Documents show that residents from Center Pointe have called nearly 300 times in the past. Out of those 911 calls, only a handful resulted in violations. All of the violations were ultimately dropped.