by Ryan Snyder

triad dj profile

Stage name: BACK2WAX

Why we use it: Our crew and our name represent our tribute to old school junglist turntablism and live vinyl remixes.

Real names: Nick Tata (DJ Grendel), Gary Aldrige (DJ Brainshivr), Mardell Miller (MC PrettyGood)

What we play: We play an eclectic mix of driving neurofunk drum and bass with an emphasis on classic DNB live remixes.

Catch us on: radio Upcoming shows: Club Orion’s Facebass in Greensboro on Saturday, Katmandu’s Survival in Raleigh on March 3 and every Friday from 8-10 p.m. at

Got in the game: 2001

Why we do it: Because of a strong love for drum-and-bass music.

Influences: All drum-and-bass DJs, producers and MCs that we meet.

First pro gig: Lime Light, Myrtle Beach SC

Studio work: We are currently working on several studio projects, expected to be released in summer of 2012

Favorite technique: Live remixes.

Signature mix: One called “Cortex Candy.”

Personal playlists: Drum and bass, EDM, rock, rap, Christian, hip-hop, jazz, classical Favorite albums: Too many to list but if we had to pick one, it would have to be Beastie Boys — Ill Communication.

Our gear: We use four TechnicsSL1200 turntables, two Pioneer DJM 600 mixers and a Korg ESX-1 sampler

Website: and

We’d like to add: We would like to give a shout to all the people who support drum and bass, no matter if you’re a producers, DJ, MC, promoter, street team, dancer or just people who love the music, support the scene and what we do! Mad respect!