Bad Daddy’s Burgers in Winston-Salem features a “Bad Ass Burger” that measures more than 10-inches high.

If you hang out with me long enough it won’t take you long to figure out I like to eat and eat hard. No small plates or salads here, please. Whether it’s a great steak from Ruth Chris or Flemings, some quick Chinese take-out from Golden Wok, ribs from Darryl’s or a great burger from Cook-out, Big Burger Spot, Five Guys or Hop’s, I can dig it. Or “in” I should say.

Recently I heard of a new spot in Winston-Salem that was winning over burger fans left and right. I’m a doubter and not one to gush unless it’s worthy. So when all these gushers kept saying how amazing it was and that I had to go, I eventually dragged myself in for a bite because I had to go.

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar opened it’s 504 Hanes Mall Blvd. location Oct. 21 in a 4,600 square foot location that used to house Lone Star Steakhouse.

Operating Partner Jim Abbott describes his completely remodeled restaurant as “Industrial meets sports bar with an edge”.

“It’s a fun place,” said Abbott. “Just look around. Hubcaps, a tailgate from an old Chevy, Beatles items, license plates, posters, and there’s Elvis’s arrest photo. It’s just so much interesting stuff everywhere.”

The Winston-Salem Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar is part of a growing franchise owned by Charlotte restaurateurs Dennis Thompson and WFU graduate Frank Scibelli.

Currently, the Charlotte-based Bad Daddy’s International has five other North Carolina locations including two in Charlotte, and one each in Raleigh, Huntersville and Morrisville. There is also one location in Greenville, SC.

“Things are going very well,” said Abbott. “We have grown every month, and I am very pleased with our guest response. It’s an exciting place, and we are wall-to-wall every weekend with fun 70’s and 80’s rock-n-roll music blasting from our sound system.”

According to Abbott, 95% of the menu items are made from scratch including all the aioli, guacamole and all their mayonnaise.

“We even make our own American cheese,” he added. Even with several great lunch options including Bad Daddy’s Burger Combos for $8.99, I came in for dinner with my wife.

She ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger on Steroids which is a basic burger seasoned with bacon salt, three pieces of jalapeno bacon, three pieces of applewood smoked bacon topped with Monterey Jack cheese, housemade bacon mayo, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, onion & pickles for $11.95. She sided it with their housemade Sweet Potato fries served with chipotle ranch dipping sauce.

I went for the spotlighted menu item, the Bad Ass Burger. This thing is ridiculous! Standing 10-plus inches high, it’s a 10 oz. custom blend premium beef patty with lettuce, tomato, horseradish mayo, pickles and homemade American cheese on a brioche bun. Now you may ask, where does the height come in? It happens when they add a stack of buttermilk fried bacon between the bun and burger and slide a stick down the middle to keep this colossal giant from toppling over.

After I removed and ate a hearty portion of the bacon as an appetizer, I could not actually fit the Bad Ass Burger in my mouth without disengaging my jaws.

My wife and I agreed that these were some amazing burgers and asked Jim the secret of his beef. According to Abbott, they use a blend of 75% chuck and 25% brisket.

“A lot of the flavor comes from all our homemade toppings and sauces as well,” he added. !

There’s nothing bad about it



504 Hanes Mall Blvd., Winston-Salem, NC / www.baddaddysburgerbar