BE there

by David McGee

AWAKE THE WHITE & WINTRY QUEEN Carolina Theatre; 310 S. Greene St., Greensboro; 336.333.2605;; 7 p.m.; $20 adults, $10 seniors, $5 children

For one night only experience the magic of the winter solstice and holidayseason as we return to the light from the dark. With original music that has aworld beat and an international dance performance to evoke sentiments of theseason and inspire a sense of spectacle, this story is a timeless and ancient fantasythat reveals the return of the Wint’ry Queen as she awakes to reclaim hercrown from the Autumn Queen whose time is up.Wed., Dec 16ALWAYS WELCOME— THE SOUTHERNCHRISTMASForsyth County PublicLibrary; 660 W. 5th St.,Winston-Salem; 336-774-2085;; 7 p.m.; FREEHave you ever wonderedabout the how’s and why’s ofChristmas? How’d Christmastrees come to be grown inSouthern soil? Why is therea town in North Carolinathat celebrates Christmastwice a year? What’s all thisSouthern tradition mean andhow is it changing holidaytime all over the country?Jennifer Stevenson, columnistfor Winston-Salem Livingand Miss Dainty will haveall the answers and somesurprising ideas to share withyou here.Thurs., Dec 17BEAUTIFUL STAR: ANAPPALACHIAN NATIVITYTriad Stage; 232 S. Elm St.,Greensboro; 336.272.0160;; 7p.m.; $10-$34In its fourth and last seasonof performance, jointhe Rev. Ledbetter and theOpen Heart CommunityFellowship as the share theirrendition of The ChristmasStory that will bring joyand laughter in this offbeatcomedy. While your sides aresplitting from laughter, yourtoes will be tapping along tothe music and your struggleto stay seated will be one ofimmense pleasure.Fri., Dec 18′ FOX 8 SEALY HOLIDAYCONCERT WITH NANCYKERRIGANGreensboro Coliseum;1921 W. Lee St.,Greensboro; 336.373.7400;; 6 p.m.; FREE withcanned good donationTo support a good causeand help to fill some grumblingtummies while youhave a good time, check outthis concert being sponsoredby Fox 8 and Sealy. Withyour canned good donationyou will be presented withan evening complete with aperformance by the Winston-Salem Symphony and theglowing warmth that comeswith giving. So do a gooddeed and show some love tothe world.Sun., Dec 20GREENSBORO ICE HOUSEPUBLIC SKATINGGreensboro Ice House;6119 Landmark CenterBlvd., Greensboro;336.852.1515;; 1:30p.m.; $6 13 & up, $5 4-12,$3 skate rentalWhat better way to spendthe afternoon than pirouettingand flying through theair before plummeting ontothe ice and busting yourass in front of everyone?Okay, so it may not be foryou but it’s sure to put asmile on the young ones ormake for a fun date. Plusyou can get ready for the2011 US Figure SkatingChampionships that arebeing hosted in Greensboro.Better start training.Mon., Dec. 21CHRISTMAS FOR THECITYMillennium Center; 101W. 5th St., Winston-Salem;336.759.7517;; 5 p.m.;FREEWith all faiths beingrepresented and many businessesshowing their support,this event is set up tomake Christmas fun andas free as possible to makethese times we’re in a littlecheerier. Expect to see liveperformances, original worksby local artists, the jolly manand a make-your-own toyworkshop. This is a familyexperience and will be goingon until Thursday’s candlelightservice at 6 p.m.Tues., Dec 22IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE:LIVE FROM WVL RADIOTHEATREHigh Point Theatre; 220E. Commerce Ave., HighPoint; 336.887.3001;;7:30 p.m.; $12 adults, $10seniors, $1 under 12Many of us grew upwatching this wonderfulmovie on TV. Now seeFrank Capra’s classic cinematicwonder live, today,circa 1946 in this radio playadaptation. This touchingproduction is sure to bringthe memories of childhoodcoming back while remindingus of the values and tiesthat make Christmastime ahighlight in life.Wed., Dec 23NOON ORGAN RECITALOld Salem Museums &Gardens; 900 Old SalemRoad, Winston-Salem;336.721.7350;; 12 p.m.; FREEThe simple joys of musiccan be appreciated on anoriginal 1800 Tannenbergorgan, performed by ScottCarpenter. Feel free tobring friends and familyto the James A. GrayJr. Auditorium before thefestivities really get rollingalong as you prepare to celebratethe season and cometogether this evening aroundgifts and food.