Persian Restaurant on Fourth | @Daniel_Schere

Fourth Street in downtown Winston-Salem has been the life of the party when it comes to city streets that are good for perusing and dining. Kabobs on Fourth has become the latest establishment to join the Camel City’s restaurant row.

Kabobs opened November 10, and unlike many of the other traditional sit-downs, it targets a wide demographic that ranges from businesspeople looking for a quick bite on their lunch break, to visitors looking for an authentic culinary experience. Walking in gives you the feel of a 21 st century urban bistro. There are two large murals painted on walls in the back and Persian decorations throughout.

Like many Mediterranean cuisine restaurants, Kabobs serves favorites like Tabbouleh Salad, Stuffed Grape

Leaves, Hummus and Falafel. And of course, there are kabobs—five kinds. For dessert there is the classic baklava, or if you’re in the mood, try Falodeh—a mildly sweet sorbet made with noodles. As of November 24, Kabobs also serves beer and wine.

Owner Mehdi Kaussari said all of the countries in the region have similar cuisines, but the seasoning used is often the difference.

“Greek, Turks, and Iranian have the same sort of food.

But each one of them has their own flavor,” he said. “This is more Persian flavored food than Greek or Turks.”

In the first week of its existence, Kabobs saw a steady stream of customers on some days but was working with a more limited menu due to delays from the company that prints menus.

“We probably are not going to be as busy as we would like to be, because with the weather downtown people don’t like to walk around a lot in the cold weather,” Kaussari said.

Kaussari has lived in Winston-Salem for 21 years and previously owned Buena Pinta at 285 West Fourth from 2011 until it closed one year ago. He said he wanted his next venture to be a more unique offering.

“I always wanted to open up a kabob house, but the setup in the old restaurant did not allow me to have a baking machine by the window,” he said.

Before becoming Kabobs last month, the space was occupied Dill Pickle Sandwich Shop—an old favorite that operated for 41 years until its closing in June 2013. Kaussari said renovations had been done in the building’s existence, and it took 11 months to turn it into something feasible for his business.

“It was bad. This place needed a lot of renovation,” he said.

All of the building’s previous furniture was taken out and the inside was reconstructed practically from scratch. The baking machine now faces a window, and there is a blue awning that welcomes customers. Kaussari painted one of the murals with his wife, and local artist Leo Rucker painted the other. !


Kabobs on Fourth is located at 214 West Fourth Street in downtown Winston-Salem. They are open Monday through Thursday 11am-3pm and 5pm-10:30 pm as well as Saturday 11:30 am-10:30 pm. Contact them at 336-306-9285 or visit