BEST OF 2010

by YOU! and YES! Staffers

It’s that time of year again, folks, when we highlight all the best the North Carolina Piedmont Triad has to offer. And what better way to source it than to ask our readers — the smartest, most informed and, frankly, best-looking readers of any publication in the nation?

The polls have closed, the votes tallied and the results are here. And in sifting through the data, some unusual trends emerge.

A lot of tried’ and true people and places were able to maintain their foothold as the Triad’s Best: College Hill Sundries benefited from a loyal (and web-savvy) customer base, as did the Green Bean, Krankie’s Coffee and the Village Tavern, which has locations in both Greensboro and Winston-Salem. Goodwill placed in a lot of categories, which may be indicative of the current state of the economy.

But this year saw a pronounced shift away from big chain establishments and towards more local businesses. This is the first Triad’s Best edition of any publication in the area where the Olive Garden did not win Best Italian Food and Outback did not place in the Best Steaks category. Nice work, people.

Plenty of folks tried to stuff the ballots this year — it always happens — but the sheer volume of voters, who numbered in the thousands, made the curve harder to shift. Still, those who mobilized their customers and fans seemed to come out ahead in the voting. Remember, ballot-stuffing goes against the spirit of the enterprise, but there’s nothing wrong with campaigning. In fact, with this volume of votes that’s one of the best ways to gain an edge.

Some other surprises:

Runner-up in the Best Burlesque category went to a dude, our pal Smokin’ McQueen, who may have invented the term “boy-lesque.”

We always get a lot of candidates for Best Female Bartender, but this year the category that garnered the most attention was Best Hairdresser, with scores of applicants. The woman who won, however, got way more votes than her nearest competitor.

Also, you might notice a lean towards Greensboro businesses. A couple reasons for this: We existed in Greensboro for three years before venturing out into the rest of the Triad, so the Gate City has a big head start. Also, Greensboro folks simply cast more ballots for their favorite people and places. A word to our friends in high Point and Winston-Salem: Get out the vote!

Anyway, here are the results. Look ’em over, start discussions, get into arguments. That’s what it’s for! And if your favorites didn’t make the list, drop us a line to let us know. And next year be sure to vote.


Best State Senator Winner: Sen. Don Vaughan (D-District 27) Runner-up: Sen. Linda Garrou (D-District 32) Noteworthy: “They all suck” gets 40 votes, more than any sitting NC senator

Best State Representative Winner: Rep. Pricey Harrrison (D-District 57) Runner-up: Tie, Rep. Maggie Jeffus (D-District 59); Rep. Larry Womble (D-District 71) Noteworthy: Many people seem to be confused about the difference between NC reps and US reps, as exemplified by the votes for — and against — Rep Virginia Foxx.

Best County Commissioner, Forsyth Noteworthy: No actual Forsyth County commissioners got a single vote — 93 people voted for “nobody” on purpose.

Best County Commissioner, Guilford Winner: Billy Yow, District 5 Runner-up: John Parks, at large Noteworthy: Steve Arnold, District 2

Best City Council Member, High Point Winner: None Runner-up: None Noteworthy: High Point aldermen better work on raising their profiles. Politically active — but not elected official — Jane Williams got more votes than any sitting alderman or the mayor. So did NY Yankees relief pitcher Chan Ho Park.

Best City Council Member, Greensboro Winner: Zack Matheny, District 3 Runner-up: Trudy Wade, District 5

Noteworthy: None of the Above got almost half the votes in this category, about three times as many as the winner.

Best City Council Member, Winston-Salem Winner: Dan Besse, Southwest Ward Runner-up: Wanda Merschel, Northwest Ward Noteworthy: Allan Joines, mayor

Best Campaigner Winner: They all suck (that’s a direct quote) Runner-up: Cal Cunningham, Ryan Shell Noteworthy: A first-time candidate and one who failed top clear the primary got the most votes in the category. Really? Really.

Highest Profile Winner: Rep. Howard Coble Runner-up: Rep. Virginia Foxx Noteworthy: Got to love Don Kotix, who pops up everywhere in the voting.

Most Likely to Run For Office Winner: Frank Eaton Runner-up: Ryan Shell Noteworthy: “Your Mom” got three votes

Best Use of Public Funds Winner: Education Runner-up: The arts Noteworthy: Fire, police and military

Worst Use of Public Funds Winner: Greensboro Natatorium Runner-up: “All entitlements” Noteworthy: “Arresting people for smoking pot” got three votes.


Best Antiques Winner: The Red Collection, Greensboro Runner-up: Antiques Marketplace, Greensboro Noteworthy: Greensboro yard sales garnered almost a third of the vote

Best Auto Repair Shop Winner: Triad Auto Specialty Honda, Greensboro Webster’s Import Auto Service, Greensboro Runner-up: Der Wagon Haus, Greensboro

Best Bank Winner: NC State Employees Credit Union, Triad wide Runner-up: Wachovia, Triad wide

Best Boutique Winner: Rebecca & Co., Greensboro Runner-up: Paparazzi, Greensboro Noteworthy: Boutique Hypnotica of Greensboro scored a lot of votes, so we’re giving it a special Best Head Shop award

Best Florist Winner: George K. Walker Florist, Winston- Salem Runner-up: Plants & Answers, Greensboro Noteworthy: Clemmons Florist, Greensboro

Best Garden Store Winner: New Garden Nursery, Greensboro Runner-up: LA Reynolds, Winston- Salem Noteworthy: “The place that is across the street from my house.”

Best Gas Station Winner: Sheetz, Triad wide Runner-up: Costco, Triad wide Noteworthy: When it comes to gasoline, cheap is all that matters

Best Hardware Store Winner: Lowe’s, Triad wide Runner-up: Home Depot, Triad wide Noteworthy: Lowe’s doubled up on its closest competitor. Also, Holliday Hardware, which closed for good last year, got 31 votes. Get with it, people!

Best Bike Shop Winner: Greensboro ReCycle Runner-up: Cycles de Oro, Greensboro

Best Home Maintenance Winner: Alert Construction, Greensboro Runner-up: Pikes Home Maintenance, Greensboro Noteworthy: Triad Restorations, Winston-Salem

Best Jeweler Winner: Custom Jewelers, Greensboro Runner-up: Simon Jewelers, High Point Noteworthy: Mark Holder Jeweller, Greensboro


Best Art Gallery Winner: Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro Runner-up: Lyndon Street Artworks, Greensboro; Urban Artware, Winston- Salem

Best Museum Winner: Weatherspoon Art Museum Runner-up: Natural Science Center of Greensboro Noteworthy: Reynolda House, Winston- Salem

Best Frame Shop Winner: Hobby Lobby, High Point Runner-up: Thousands O’ Prints, Greensboro Noteworthy: The Art Shoppe, Greensboro

Best Book Store Winner: Ed McKay’s, Triad wide Runner-up: Piedmont Books, Winston- Salem Noteworthy: McKay’s took this by more than 300 votes

Best Author Winner: Orson Scott Card Runner-up: Nicholas Sparks Noteworthy: Fred Chappell

Best Bellydancing Winner: Faun Finley, Soulflower Studios, Greensboro Runner-up: Twisted Dance Studios

Best Burlesque Winner: Foxy Moxy Runner-up: Smokin’ McQueen Noteworthy: Selia d’Katzmeow

Best Live Theater Venue Winner: Triad Stage, Greensboro Runner-up: Carolina Theatre, Greensboro

Best Visual Artist Winner: Houston Patton Runner-up: Kat Lamp Noteworthy: Houston Patton is a tattoo artist who works out of Kingpin Studio in Greensboro.

Best Cinema Winner: The Palladium, High Point Runner-up: The Grande, Greensboro Noteworthy: a/perture Cinema, Winston-Salem

Best Children’s Clothing Store Winner: Goodwill, Triad wide Runner-up: The Lollipop, Greensboro Noteworthy: Goodwill wins hands down. Chalk this one up to the economy.

Best Men’s Clothing Store Winner: Tie: Jos A Banks, Triad wide; the Hub, Greensboro Runner-up: The Destination, Greensboro Noteworthy: Goodwill got a lot of votes, but was not exactly what we were looking for.

Best Women’s Clothing Store Winner: Anthropologie, Triad wide Runner-up: Mack and Mack, Greensboro Noteworthy: Again Goodwill puts up some respectable numbers.

Best Place to Buy a New Car Winner: Rice Toyota, Greensboro Runner-up: Vann York Honda, Triad wide Noteworthy: What, no American cars?

Best Place to Buy a Pre-Owned Car Winner: Car Max, Triad wide Noteworthy: No one else was even close.

Best Furniture Store Winner: Furnitureland South, Triad wide Runner-up: Rooms to Go, Triad wide

Best Vintage Clothing Store Winner: Design Archives, Greensboro Runner-up: Wild N Crazy Vintage, Greensboro Noteworthy: Carolina Thrift, Greensboro

Best Wine Store Winner: Total Wine & More, Triad wide Runner-up: Wine Styles, Greensboro Noteworthy: Zeto Wine Shop, Greensboro

Best Shoe Store Winner: DSW, Greensboro Runner-up: The Shoe Market, Greensboro

Best Sporting Goods Store Winner: Dick’s Sporting Goods, Triad wide Runner-up: REI, Greensboro Noteworthy: Omega Sports, Greensboro

Best Thrift Store Winner: Goodwill, Triad wide Runner-up: Carolina Thrift, Greensboro


Best Bakery Winner: Simple Kneads, Greensboro Runner-up: Delicious Bakery, Greensboro Noteworthy: Dewey’s, triad wide; Sweet Shop, High Point

Best Bistro Winner: Printworks Bistro, Greensboro Runner-up: New Town Bistro, Winston-Salem Noteworthy: Basil & Co., Greensboro

Best Breakfast Winner: Smith Street Diner, Greensboro Runner-up: Tex & Shirley’s, Triad wide Noteworthy: Mary’s of Course, Winston-Salem

Best Brunch Winner: Green Valley Grill, Greensboro Runner-up: Village Tavern, Triad wide Noteworthy: Mary’s of Course, Winston-Salem

Best Buffet: Winner: Golden Corral, Triad wide Runner-up: K&W, Triad wide Noteworthy: Saffron Indian Cuisine, Greensboro

Best Cheap Eats Winner: Cook Out, Triad wide Runner-up: Jake’s Diner, Greensboro Noteworthy: Someone named Cristina Jones got a vote.

Best Chef Winner: Leigh Hesling, Green Valley Grill, Greensboro Runner-up: Ben Sullivan, Vintage 301, Greensboro Noteworthy: More entries than any other dining category

Best Chinese Food Winner: PF Chang’s, Greensboro Runner-up: Phoenix Asian Cuisine, Greensboro Noteworthy: Winston-Salem’s Hutch & Harris garnered three votes.

Best Coffee Winner: The Green Bean, Greensboro Runner-up: Krankie’s, Winston-Salem Noteworthy: Tate Street Coffee, Greensboro

Best Coffee Shop Winner: The Green Bean, Greensboro Runner-up: Tate Street Coffee, Greensboro Noteworthy: Krankie’s, Winston-Salem

Best Curry Winner: Saffron Indian Cuisine, Greensboro

Runner-up: Rearn Thai, Greensboro Noteworthy: Clemmons Bicycle got four votes.

Best Delivery Winner: Jimmy Johns, Triad wide Runner-up: New York Pizza, Greensboro Noteworthy: Greensboro blogger Sue Polinsky got a couple votes — she does have great timing.

Best Dessert Winner: Ganache Restaurant & Bakery, Greensboro Runner-up: Cheesecakes by Alex, Greensboro Noteworthy: We’re assuming the person who voted for Beth Bostic at Hair Quintessence put her in the wrong category.

Best Farmers Market Winner: Piedmont Triad Farmers Market Runner-up: Greensboro Farmers Curb Market Noteworthy: PTFM and GFCM dominated the category

Best Female Waiter Winner: Jessica Mashburn, Green Valley Grill, Greensboro Runner-up: Sue Pham, Center City Caf’, Greensboro Noteworthy: Noel Barnes, Chelsee’s, Winston- Salem. Also, Chris Daughtry got three votes.

Best Male Waiter Winner: Bobby “Jaybird” Williams, Fincastle’s, Greensboro Runner-up: Bobby Clark, Green Valley Grill, Greensboro Noteworthy: Norman Kidby, Finnegan’s Wake, Winston-Salem

Best French Fries Winner: Five Guys, Triad wide Runner-up: Cookout, Triad wide Noteworthy: Grey’s Tavern, Greensboro

Best Greek Food Winner: Acropolis, Greensboro Runner-up: Mykonos, Greensboro Noteworthy: Jack’s Corner, Greensboro

Best Grocery Store Winner: Harris Teeter, Triad wide Runner-up: Bestway, Greensboro Noteworthy: Whole Foods Market, Winston-Salem

Best Hamburger Winner: Cookout, Triad wide Runner-up: Five Guys, Triad wide Noteworthy: Fincastle’s, Greensboro

Best Hot Dog Winner: Yum Yum’s, Greensboro Runner-up: Carolina Diner, Greensboro Noteworthy: Tony the Hot Dog Guy outside Greene Street Club, Greensboro

Best Greek Food Winner: Acropolis, Greensboro Runner-up: Mykonos, Greensboro Noteworthy: Jack’s Corner, Greensboro

Best Grocery Store Winner: Harris Teeter, Triad wide Runner-up: Bestway, Greensboro Noteworthy: Whole Foods Market, Winston-Salem

Best Hamburger Winner: Cookout, Triad wide Runner-up: Five Guys, Triad wide Noteworthy: Fincastle’s, Greensboro

Best Hot Dog Winner: Yum Yum’s, Greensboro Runner-up: Carolina Diner, Greensboro Noteworthy: Tony the Hot Dog Guy outside Greene Street Club, Greensboro

Best Hotel Winner: The Proximity Hotel, Greensboro Runner-up: The O. Henry Hotel, Greensboro Noteworthy: Hilton Hotels, Triad wide


Best Blog Winner: YES! Weekly Blog, Runner-up: a/perture Cinema, Noteworthy: Ed Cone,

Best Broadcast DJ Winner: Clay JD Walker, 93.1 the Wolf Runner-up: Josh Neas, WQFS Noteworthy: Chris Kelly edged out Chris Demm from the “Two Guys Named Chris” show 23-9.

Best Facebooker Winner: Me Runner-up: a/perture Cinema Noteworthy: Yes, “Me” won the category, not unlike Time’s Person of the Year that time. Congratulations everybody!

Best Free Wi-Fi Winner: The Green Bean, Greensboro Runner-up: Krankie’s, Winston-Salem Noteworthy: Downtown Greensboro

Best Television News Anchor, Female Winner: Cindy Farmer, Fox 8 Runner-up: Julie Luck, Fox 8 Noteworthy: No one else was even close

Best Print Journalist Winner: Brian Clarey, YES! Weekly Runner-up: Ryan Snyder, YES! Weekly Noteworthy: Props to Jeri Rowe, the Greensboro News & Record; Katei Cranford, the UNCG Carolinian; Jordan Green, YES! Weekly; and Scott Yost, the Rhinoceros Times who all placed in the category.

Best Local Publication Winner: YES! Weekly

Runner-up: The Rhinoceros Times Noteworthy: We were pretty sure we were gonna win this one, but we were unprepared for the 4-1 margin. Got that second-place certificate on the way, fellas. Nice work.

Best Television News Anchor, Male Winner: Cameron Kent, WXII Runner-up: Neil McNeill, Fox 8 Noteworthy: No one else was even close to these two, who were separated by just eight votes.

Best Morning Radio Show Winner: “Two Guys Named Chris”; 92.3 Rock 92 Runner-up: “Murphy in the Morning”; 107.5 WKZL

Best Radio Station Winner: Rock 92 Runner-up: WKZL Noteworthy: WFDD, WUAG

Best Reason to pick up YES! Weekly Winner: Local Happenings Runner-up: Entertainment Guide Noteworthy: Some of the funnier ones included “flyswatter,” “to throw it away,” and “because people I know are in it.”

Best TV News Winner: Fox 8 Runner-up: WXII Noteworthy: “They all suck” gets 11 votes.

Best Meteorologist Winner: Van Denton, Fox 8 Runner-up: Lanie Pope, WXII Noteworthy: “Not Lanie Pope” gets nine votes

Best Wireless Service Provider Winner: Verizon

Best Irish Food Winner: M’Coul’s Public House, Greensboro Runner-up: Finnegan’s Wake, Winston-Salem Noteworthy: The Claddagh, High Point

Best Italian Food Winner: Bianca’s Italian Eatery, Greensboro Runner-up: Caf’ Napoli, Greensboro; Elizabeth’s Pizza, Triad wide; Riva’s Trattoria, Greensboro Noteworthy: The closest category — and Olive Garden wasn’t even in the running

Best Japanese Food Winner: Arigato, Greensboro Runner-up: Asahi, Greensboro Noteworthy: Sushi Republic, Greensboro

Best Late Night Eats Winner: New York Pizza, Greensboro Runner-up: Cookout, Triad wide

Best Latin Food Winner: Rana Loca, Winston-Salem Runner-up: El Azteca, Greensboro Noteworthy: NC Sen. Don Vaughan got five votes.

Best Lunch Winner: Lox, Stock & Bagel, Greensboro Runner-up: The Iron Hen, Greensboro Noteworthy: Ghassan’s, Greensboro

Best Vegetarian Menu Winner: Boba House, Greensboro Runner-up: Saffron Indian Cuisine, Greensboro Noteworthy: La Botana, Winston-Salem

Best Mexican Food Winner: Poblanos, Greensboro Runner-up: San Luis, Greensboro Noteworthy: Kiosco, Greensboro

Best Natural Food Store Winner: Deep Roots Market, Greensboro Runner-up: Whole Foods Market, Winston-Salem Noteworthy: EarthFare, Greensboro

Best Carolina Barbecue Winner: Stamey’s, Greensboro Runner-up: Carter Brothers, High Point Noteworthy: Anything in Lexington

Best Greensboro Restaurant Winner: 1618 West Seafood Grill

Best High Point Restaurant Winner: Liberty Steakhouse & Brewery

Best Winston-Salem Restaurant Winner: The Mellow Mushroom

Best Neighborhood Restaurant Winner: Fishbones, Greensboro Runner-up: Lindley Park Filling Station, Greensboro Noteworthy: West End Caf’, Winston-Salem

Best Patio/Courtyard Winner: Caf’ Europa, Greensboro Runner-up: M’Coul’s Public House, Greensboro Noteworthy: Fourth Street Filling Station, Winston-Salem

Best Pizza Winner: Mellow Mushroom, Triad wide Runner-up: New York Pizza, Greensboro Noteworthy: Brixx Pizza, Triad wide

Best Fresh Produce Winner: Piedmont Triad Farmers Market Runner-up: Fresh Market, Greensboro Noteworthy: Deep Roots Market, Greensboro

Best Family Dining Winner: Ci Ci’s Pizza, Triad wide Runner-up: Brixx Pizza, Triad wide

Best Romantic Dinner Winner: The Melting Pot, Greensboro Runner-up: Meridien. Winston-Salem Noteworthy: Sweet Basil’s, Greensboro

Best Sandwiches Winner: Lox, Stock & Bagel, Greensboro Runner-up: Jason’s Deli, Greensboro Noteworthy: West End Caf’ , Winston-Salem

Best Seafood Winner: BoneFish Grill, Triad wide Runner-up: Bert’s Seafood Grille, Greensboro Noteworthy: 1618 West Seafood Grill, Greensboro

Best Steak Winner: Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, Greensboro Runner-up: Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, Greensboro Noteworthy: YES! Weekly freelancer Ian McDowell got two votes.

Best Sub Winner: Jimmy John’s, Triad wide Noteworthy: No one else was even close.

Best Sushi Winner: Sushi Republic, Greensboro Runner-up: US Sushi , High Point Noteworthy: Zen Sushi Bar, Greensboro

Best Thai Food Winner: Taste of Thai, Greensboro Runner-up: Rearn Thai, Greensboro Noteworthy: Downtown Thai, Winston- Salem

Best Diner Winner: Jake’s Diner, Greensboro Runner-up: Smith Street Diner, Greensboro Noteworthy: A very close race.

Best Vietnamese Food Winner: Pho Vien Huong, Greensboro Runner-up: Binh Minh, Greensboro

Best Wings Winner: East Coast Wings, Triad wide Runner-up: Buffalo Wild Wings, Triad wide


Best Beer Selection

Winner: Cooper’s Ale House, Greensboro

Runner-up: Mellow Mushroom, Triad wide

Noteworthy: Pour House, Greensboro;

Foothills Brewing, Winston-Salem; Bestway,


The Best (& Worst) of the 70s, 80s & Beyond

Best Bloody Mary Winner: Village Tavern, Triad wide Runner-up: Hutch & Harris, Winston-Salem Noteworthy: Stumble Stilskin’s, Greensboro

Best Brewery Winner: Natty Greene’s, Greensboro Runner-up: Foothill’s Brewing, Winston-Salem Noteworthy: Red Oak Brewery, Whitsett

Best Club for Hooking Up Winner: Inferno, Greensboro Runner-up: Greene Street Club, Greensboro Noteworthy: The Greensboro Country Club did not go unmentioned in this category.

Best Bar to End the Night Winner: New York Pizza, Greensboro Runner-up: The Gold Club, Greensboro Noteworthy: Tee Time, Winston-Salem

Best College Bar Winner: College Hill Sundries, Greensboro Runner-up: The Blind Tiger, Greensboro Noteworthy: The hot spot on Spring Garden Street totally dominated this category, more than doubling its closest competitors.

Best Dance Club Winner: Inferno, Greensboro Runner-up: Green Street, Greensboro Noteworthy: Heaven, Greensboro

Best Dive Bar Winner: College Hill Sundries, Greensboro Runner-up: Silver Moon Saloon, Winston- Salem Noteworthy: The Pour House, Greensboro


Best Performance DJ Winner: DJ Weapon X Runner-up: DJ Phillie Phresh Noteworthy: Is there really a DJ Thunderthighs?

Best Hip-Hop Act Winner: Urban Sophisticates Runner-up: Ed E. Ruger Noteworthy: Don Kotix?

Best Cover Band Winner: Walrus Runner-up: The Dickens Noteworthy: Anything with Evan Olson

Best New Band Winner: Funny Like a Funeral Runner-up: The Brand New Life Noteworthy: Getting out the vote is part

of the contest, folks. These bands got a lot of votes.

Best Singer Winner: Richard Boyd, the bo-stevens Runner-up: Molly McGinn Noteworthy: With apologies to Gavan Holden, Funny Like a Funeral’s ride ends here.

Best Bassist Winner: Andrew Lazare, Five-Gallon Groove Runner-up: Dana Bearror (?) Noteworthy: Tim LaFollette, Decoration Ghost

Best Guitarist Winner: Jordan Bullock, Funny Like a Funeral Runner-up: Ian Tuten Noteworthy: A “Chris Nielsen” from a band called “This is a Hold Up” garnered more than 430 votes — 22 percent of the total — but we could not prove he existed as of press time. If you’re out there, Chris, call us at 336.316.1231 and tell us how you got so many votes with virtually no Google footprint.

Best Percussionist Winner: Rob Joyce, Live Through Runner-up: John Rob, Funny Like a Funeral Noteworthy: Seth Oldham, S. Burns

Best Female Bartender Winner: Beth Hunsinger, the Clubhouse Runner-up: Jessie Kirkman, Jakes Billiards Noteworthy: So many bartenders named Amber.

Best Male Bartender Winner: Kyle Thompson, the Clubhouse, Greensboro Runner-up: Mark Weddle, Green Valley Grill, Greensboro Noteworthy: Junior Cain, Tee Time, Winston- Salem

Best Jukebox Winner: Old Town Tavern, Greensboro Runner-up: College Hill Sundries, Greensboro Noteworthy: Fincastle’s, Greensboro

Best Karaoke Winner: Ham’s, Triad wide Runner-up: Tee Time, Winston-Salem Noteworthy: Cooper’s Ale House, Greensboro

Best Live Music Venue, Triad Winner: Greene Street Club, Greensboro Runner-up: The Garage, Winston- Salem Noteworthy: Aquarius Music Hall, High Point

Best Live Music Venue, Greens-boro Winner: The Blind Tiger Runner-up: Greene Street Club Noteworthy: Legitimate Business

Best Live Music Venue, Winston- Salem Winner: The Garage Runner-up: The Werehouse Noteworthy: Johnny & June’s

Best Lounge Winner: The Mixx, Greensboro Runner-up: Caf’ Europa, Greensboro Noteworthy: Someone’s porch on Wilson Street managed to get a few votes.

Best Male Bartender Winner: Kyle X, the Clubhouse, Greensboro Runner-up: Mark Weddle, Green Valley Grill, Greensboro Noteworthy: Junior, Tee Time, Winston-Salem

Best Martini Winner: Village Tavern, Triad wide Runner-up: The Mixx, Greensboro Noteworthy: Four-way tie for third place between the Bonefish Grill, Green Valley Grill, Much and Vintage 301

Best Neighborhood Bar Winner: College Hill Sundries, Greensboro Runner-up: Fisher’s Grill, Greensboro Noteworthy: Oddly enough, Fisher’s Grill won’t allow YES! Weekly to distribute on the premises. Stop by and ask them why — and tell ’em you saw it in YES! Weekly!

Best New Bar Winner: Single Brothers, Winston-Salem Runner-up: Benders Tavern, Greensboro Noteworthy: Single Brothers is located in the old YES! Weekly Winston-Salem bureau on Trade Street.

Best New Club Winner: Johnny & June’s Ultra Saloon, Winston-Salem Runner-up: Center City Bar & Grille, Greensboro Noteworthy: The Venue, Greensboro

Best Pool Tables Winner: Jake’s Billiards, Greensboro Runner-up: Longshanks, Greensboro Noteworthy: Recreation Billiards and Gate City Billiards made strong showings.

Best Sports Bar Winner: JP Looney’s, Greensboro/Oak Ridge Runner-up: REFS, Greensboro Noteworthy: Cooper’s Ale House, Greensboro

Best Wine Bar Winner: 6th & Vine, Winston- Salem Runner-up: Caf’ Europa, Greensboro Noteworthy: 6 Vintage 301, Greensboro Best Wine List Winner: Wine Styles, Triad wide Runner-up: Vintage 301, Greensboro

Trendiest Bar Winner: Much/Heaven, Greensboro Runner-up: The Mixx, Greensboro Noteworthy: Noma, Winston-Salem


Best Golf Course Winner: Sedgefield Country Club, Sedgefield Runner-up: Grandover resort, Greensboro Noteworthy: Tanglewood Park, Winston-Salem

Best Gym Winner: YMCA, Triad wide Runner-up: The Rush, Triad wide Noteworthy: Gold’s Gym, Triad wide

Best Hair Salon Winner: Scissorhands Studio, Kernersville Runner-up: Chakras, Greensboro Noteworthy: Super Cuts gets 36 votes? Come on, now people.

Best Hairstylist Winner: Lauren Faulkner, Scissorhands Studio, Kernersville Runner-up: Beth Hunsinger, Serenity Salon, High Point Noteworthy: The most entries in the whole survey — six pages worth.

Best Manicure/ Pedicure Winner: Balance Day Spa, Greensboro

Runner-up: Buff Natural Nail Bar, Greensboro

Best Massage Therapist Winner: Jessica X, Balance Day Spa, Greensboro Runner-up: Jami Craver, Kneaded Energy, Greensboro

Best Place for Family Fun Winner: Natural Science Center, Greensboro Runner-up: North Carolina Zoo, Asheboro Noteworthy: The Gold Club got a couple votes. Twisted.

Best Biking Winner: Bur-Mil Park, Greensboro Runner-up: Salem Lake, Winston-Salem Noteworthy: “Anywhere but the sidewalk”

Best Pet Grooming Winner: Petsmart, Triad wide Runner-up: Dog Days Grooming, Greensboro

Best Plastic Surgeon Winner: Dr. William Barber, Barber Center for Plastic Surgery, Greensboro Runner-up: Dr. Louie Patseavouras, Patseavouras Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery, Greensboro Noteworthy: “Dr. Barb E. Doll”

Best Public Pool Winner: Tanglewood Park, Winston-Salem Runner-up: Bur-Mil Park, Greensboro

Best Spa Winner: Balance Day Spa, Greensboro Runner-up: Chakras, Greensboro

Best Tanning Salon Winner: Got Sun?, Triad wide Runner-up: Tahiti Tan, Greensboro

Best Tattoo Parlor, Piercing Studio Winner: Little John’s Tattoo Shop, Greensboro Runner-up: Kingpin Tattoo Studio, Greensboro Noteworthy: Golden Spiral Tattoo Studio, Greensboro

Best Tennis Courts Winner: Starmount Country Club, Greensboro Runner-up: Bur-Mil Park, Greensboro

Best Vet/Animal Clinic Winner: Friendly Animal Clinic, Greensboro Runner-up: North Elm Animal Hospital, Greensboro Noteworthy: Animal Ark Veterinary Hos., Clemmons

Best Waxing Winner: The Brow Lounge, Greensboro Runner-up: Balance Day Spa, Greensboro

Best Yoga Studio Winner: Bikram Hot Yoga, Greensboro Runner-up: Triad Yoga, Greensboro Noteworthy: Mind Body Fitness, Greensboro