The way a restaurant prepares a hamburger says a lot about the place. You can never go wrong with the classic American cheeseburger, just like you can t go wrong with a slice of pineapple slathered with BBQ sauce. We tried as many hamburgers as we could get our hands on and came up with this checklist of burgers you have to try prepared by chefs right here in the Triad. Don t forget your napkins.

By Yes! Weekly Staff

Big Burger Spot

Contact: Address: 3750-A Battleground Avenue and 510 A Nicholas Road Menu item ordered: Lonestar Price: $6.99 Ingredients: Beef burger, chopped brisket, pepper jack cheese, grilled onions and jalapeno relish.Description: A burger for those who appreciate meat. The tender, juicy brisket adds a carnivorous texture and nice smoky flavor. The jalapeno relish is a nice, sweetand-spicy surprise, and nothing whets the appetite like the smell of grilled onions and the vision of dripping, melted cheese.

Grey’s Tavern

Contact:, 336-617-5341 Address: 343 S. Elm Street, GreensboroMenu item ordered: Pimento Cheese Burger Sliders Price: $4.89 Ingredients: Pimento cheese, crisp bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo Description: Pretty average burger, but the pimento cheese adds a nice sharp tangy flavor and an extra creamy texture—a welcome surprise in place of melted cheese. The cheese pairs well with the salty, crisp bacon. Be prepared to get a side of fries with these small guys.

Village Tavern

Contact: Address: 1903 Westridge Road, Greensboro Menu item ordered: Pimiento Cheese Burger Price: $11.95 Ingredients:Irish Kerrygold Dubliner pimiento cheese, caramelized onions, sugared applewood-smoked bacon, mayonnaise Description: It had a comforting appearance, smelled as though grandma made it herself (they make the pimento cheese from scratch in-house) and tastes like a sweet, southern summer afternoon.


Contact: 336-748-8990 Address: 1412 S Hawthorne Road, Winston- Salem Menu item ordered: Cheeseburger/Hamburger Price: $3.40/$3.20 Ingredients: Lettuce, Tomato, onion, Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Mustard Description: This is the all-American cheese/hamburger in that it has a Saturday afternoon backyard feel and smell to it. When the craving hits for a backyard burger, this is the perfect fix with a great price.

River Birch Lodge

Contact:, 336-768-1111 Address: 3324 Robinhood Road, Winston- Salem NC Menu item ordered: RBL Burger Price: $12.50 Ingredients: Blue cheese crumbles, Applewood smoked bacon, caramelized onions, and Blackberry jam on a Brioche Roll. Description: This burger is presented very well, almost picturesque. Upon biting into it, all the ingredients blend together in one mouth watering bite that delivers a sweet blackberry jam finish.

Typsy’z Tevern & Grill

Contact: 336-887-0230 Address: 805 Westchester Drive, High Point Menu item ordered: B.E. & C burger Price: $9 Ingredients: Bacon, egg, and American cheese Description: The B.E. & C. is presented how you would expect a roadhouse tavern to serve a burger, though it smells like a delicious late night breakfast sandwich. The egg is served over easy (the only way to eat an egg), so when biting in the egg yolk drips from every edge. Needless to say, this satisfies a craving for a burger and breakfast all in one.

Char’s Hamburgers

Contact: 336-248-2026 Address: 400 N. Main Street, Lexington Menu item ordered: Charburger Special Price: $7.45 Ingredients: Flattop grilled burger with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, and mayo on a grilled bun. Description: The Charburger is one true vision of the all-American burger! The simplicity of the burger makes it a tasty treat. The burger patty was all beef, well-cooked, and extremely juicy. The veggies were crisp and fresh, the perfect compliment to a simple, yet tasty burger. Adding American cheese really ties this one together.


Contact:, 336-272-7505 Address: 1040 W. Lee Street, Greensboro Menu item ordered: Deluxe Burger Price: $1.83 Ingredients: Mayonnaise, Lettuce, Tomato, Description: The Deluxe Burger is a bit small to be called Deluxe, but its simplicity makes it a winner. Though you may need to eat 3 to be filled, this solid little burger makes a nice snack. Beef-Burger has a what they call a “Roto-Red” Roto Broiler to broil their burgers and toast their buns giving it something that some say creates its unique flavor.

Cook Out

Contact: Address: Refer to website for nearest location Menu item ordered: Huge Burger Price: $3.39 Ingredients: Mayonnaise, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, Ketchup Description: This is a quintessential burger. With two thick, hand-pattied burgers that total over 1.5 inches height in meat. I like the irregular size of the burgers giving you the same non-perfect burger shape you get making them yourself. The Huge is a mouthful of juicy pleasure, with a smoky backyard goodness.

Bad Daddy’s Burger

Contact:, 336-893-6456 Address: 504 Hanes Mall Blvd., Winston- Salem Menu item ordered: Classic Southern Burger Price: $10.55 Ingredients: Flattop grilled burger with chili, American cheese, relish, slaw, and mustard on a toasted bun. Topped with lettuce,tomatoes, and onions. Description: The Classic Southern Burger is flat topped cooked, messy as hell, but equally delicious. The chili has a nice, chili out-of-a-can flavor, with beans. The slaw, mustard, and relish dance in your mouth between sweet, salty, and tangy. It’s got a typical burger bun, but there are options. It’s a solid burger bursting with flavor that can and will get all over your shirt, unless you wear a makeshift paper towel bib or eat with a fork.

Carolina Ale House

Contact:, 336-794-1311 Address: Hanes Mall, 3320 Silas Creek Parkkway, Winston-Salem Menu item ordered: Pub Burger Price: $9.59 Ingredients: Bacon, American cheese, onion strings and Papa Lou’s secret sauce. Description: The Pub Burger is a massive handful of heaven. The ½ pound burger is thick and incredibly juicy…a polite way of saying you’re going to need a handful of napkins. The onion straws are a nice touch, and the secret sauce is impressive in bringing out loads of flavor.

Emma Key’s

Contact:, 336-285-9429 Address: 2206 Walker Avenue, Greensboro Menu Item Ordered: Big Kahuna Price: $7.50 Ingredients: Provolone Cheese, Pineapple, Sport Peppers, BBQ Sauce, Bacon, Dijon Mustard Aioli Description: Cooked on a “flat-top” grill, the Big Kahuna is a treat. The melted provolone cheese lay nicely over the slice of pineapple. There are so many flavors going on with this burger. First, you get the taste of well-cooked and seasoned meat, then a little sweet sneaks in from the pineapple. Quickly a touch of heat comes in from the peppers as the BBQ sauce slips out from under the bun to your fingers.

Jake’s Billiards

Contact: 336-373-1303 Address: 1712 Spring Garden Street #B, Greensboro Menu item ordered: Baja Burger Price: $8 Ingredients: Pepper jack and red cabbage, mango salsa, avocado aioli. Description: The Baja Burger is delivered hot and ready. The burger comes on a thick bun with a toothpick slid into to hold everything together. It’s not a massive burger, but one worth trying as it looks as good as it taste. It’s also very colorful with the tasty cabbage peeking out of the side. The pepper jack gives it a little kick while the mango salsa cuts the heat with its sweetness.

Cooper’s Ale House

Contact: 336-294-0575 Address: 5340 W. Market Street, Greensboro, Menu item ordered: Alehouse Burger Price: $8 (NEED TO CONFIRM PRICE) Ingredients: Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, pimento cheese, bacon, grilled ham and jalapeno poppers. Description: This is a really good burger, but you better be hungry and ready to eat. Cooper’s Ale House loads this signature meal up with an interesting combination of grilled ham, bacon and pimento cheese, as well as some jalapeno poppers for heat and good measure. The burger was thick and there was no hiding the flavor of this belly filler.

Oscar’s Fine Foods

Contact: 336-883-2824 Address: 427 S. Wrenn Street, High Point Menu item ordered: Oscar Burger Price: $4.35 Ingredients: Two four ounce patties with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo. Description: This small, old style building which looks to only seat less than 20 people is currently celebrating their 54 th year. Oscar’s Fine Foods has a simple menu with great breakfast and lunch offerings. The Oscar Burger was cooked just right and was dressed with a cold, fresh tomato, which really brought out the flavors. This little place sits on a one-way road making it hard to get to, but the extra effort is well worth the trouble.

Village Tavern

Contact: Address: 2000 Griffith Road, Winston- Salem Menu item ordered: Cowboy Burger Price: $11.95 Ingredients: applewood-smoked bacon, caramelized onions, barbecue sauce, Cheddar Description: Very classy appearance, made me feel like it was being served at a high-end restaurant. The BBQ sauce aerated to the nostrils once it hits the table. The Cowboy burger is the perfect combination of BBQ sauce, caramelized onions, and bacon.

Archdale Soda Shop

Contact: 336-431-2813 Address: 11206 N. Main Street, Archdale Menu item ordered: Double Hamburger Price: $3.49 Ingredients: Lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, pickles and ketchup. Description: The Archdale Soda shop claims to have served over 20 million hot dogs since they opened in 1948, but today it’s about burgers. Their double burger comes with whatever you want on it and today was delivered with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, pickles and ketchup. A unique feature of the Archdale Soda Shop is the pressing of the buns prior to serving it to you.

Aunt Bea’s

Contact: Address: 452 N Andy Griffith Parkway, Mount Airy Menu item ordered: Chuck Wagon Price: $6.99 Ingredients: Fried Hamburger, Mayo, Tomato, and Slaw Description: This sandwich screams the south. Any hamburger battered and fried in combination with slaw and tomato is a tasty meal. Although the fried patty is a little thin, it’s worth the off-the-beaten path drive. The abundance of slaw makes a bit of a mess, so make sure to grab some extra napkins.

Leon’s Burger Express

Contact: Address: 407 N Main Street, Mount Airy Menu item ordered: Doc’s Burger Royale Price: $5.70 Ingredients: Hamburger, Cheese, Mayo Lettuce, Grilled Onions, Tomato, Fried Egg, and Bacon Description: Leon’s is loved by the locals, and this sandwich could be the reason why. The fried egg and crispy bacon on top of a cheeseburger are what make the word brunch. Warning: This could be your new favorite brunch spot in Mt. Airy.

The District Bar and Grille

Contact:, 336-462-8882 Address: 770 Liberty View Court, Winston- Salem Menu Item Ordered: The Salem Burger Price: $10.00 Ingredients: hamburger, chili, cheddar, minced onions, mustard and slaw Description: Hesitantly steering away from the The District hamburger, a BBQ, bacon and cheddar burger that represents the namesake, The Salem burger is of the course the parallel alternative. Covered in chili with the slaw on the side – a great addition to the sandwich on your own terms – the Salem burger is great to enjoy while dripping chili on your shirt as you watch the sun set from the rooftop bar.

Hutch & Harris

Contact:, 336-721-1336 Address: 424 W. 4th Street, Winston-Salem Menu Item Ordered: The Tokugawa Price: $10.00 Ingredients: Pineapple, slaw, soy glaze, hamburger Description: Don’t ever threaten us with pineapple on a hamburger! The tangy flavor of the pineapple gives you a lot of liberties to put whatever you want on this burger – hot sauce, spicy BBQ, jalapenos, if you’re feeling real spicy – and still come out with a spectrum of flavors until finish. Also, this sandwich is best accompanied by sautéed spinach, if you want the pro tip.

Hill’s Lexington Barbecue

Contact: 336-767-2184 Address: 4005 N. Patterson Avenue, Winston-Salem Menu Item Ordered: Cheeseburger Price: $3.29 Ingredients: hamburger, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, cheese Description: Hill’s Lexington Barbecue is understandably best known for its barbecue dishes (and its homemade banana pudding). Our friend, the lovely Cameron, always orders a cheeseburger, plus a side of fried okra: “The best thing about this burger is that it’s simple,” she says. “Hand-pattied, great crinkle fries, and the okra is to die for.” She’s even been known to toss a few fries atop the burger before digging in.

Burger Warfare

Contact:, 336-500-0654 Address: 1209 Battleground Avenue, Greensboro Menu Item Ordered: Cuban Missile Crisis Price: $8.50 Ingredients: hamburger, chorizo, shoe string potato, Paprika Mojo Sauce Description: It’s an all-out battle for flavor in this two-patty punch, and unlike the reference, the “Bay of Pigs” in this sandwich is a total success. Chorizo (pig) rests between the patties (bay) with a blanket of shoestring potatoes peppered with minced onions. Once you douse this mean thing in the Paprika Mojo Sauce, though, the war is over. Stalemate across all flavors. Everyone wins.

Rody’s Tavern

Contact:, 336-282-0950 Address: 5105 Michaux Road, Greensboro Menu Item Ordered: Classics Cheeseburger Price: $7.59 Ingredients: lettuce, mayonnaise, tomato, onion, American cheese Description: Open for only two months, Rody’s Tavern is coming strong with the classic American cheeseburger. The burgers are fresh, hand-pattied, and served alongside another classic staple to this dish, hand-cut fries. You could choose from seven other burger options, but the Classic Cheeseburger patties sitting between toasted brioche buns with a skewer keeping it from bursting is just what you need – alongside a lap napkin.

The Porterhouse Bar and Grill

Contact:, 336-617-7145 Address: 4608 W. Market Street, Greensboro, NC Menu Item Ordered: Pork and Poblano Burger Price: $9.95 Ingredients: hamburger, pulled pork, roasted poblano peppers, pepper jack cheese, spicy sauce Description: A thick and nasty creation that barely fits in your mouth, the P and P Burger combines pulled pork and pepper – a lethal combo even as a stand-alone – atop a grilled-to-your-liking burger. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Finnigan’s Wake

Contact:, 336-723-0322 Address: 620 North Trade Street, Winston- Salem NC Menu Item Ordered: Blarney Burger Price: $8.50 Ingredients: grilled hamburger, diced pickles, onions, lettuce, tomato, whole grain mustard, Kaiser roll. Description: The roll (big) and condiments (fresh) make the Blarney Burger one of the tastier sandwiches at Finnigan’s Wake, which earns as much praise for the fine service and friendly atmosphere as the food (the Fish & Chips and Scotch Eggs are tops) … although the steak fries could have been warmer. When it comes to steak fries, closer to body temperature than room temperature is preferable.

Stumble Stilskins

Contact:, 336-691-1222 Address: 202 West Market Street, Greensboro Menu Item Ordered: Dan-O’s Double Bacon Cheeseburger Price: $12.99 Ingredients: bacon, habanero jack, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, hamburger and two grilled cheese sandwiches. Description: This beast is an extremely juicy double-decker burger stuffed inside of a grilled cheese. It also packs in some bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and some habanero jack cheese. We’re not sure if it’s even possible to eat this entire burger in one sitting, but we recommended trying.

Dairy Center

Contact: 336-786-2349 Address: 407 W. Lebanon Street, Mt. Airy Menu Item ordered: Ground Steak Price: $2.25 Ingredients: ground steak, mayo, tomato, slaw, onion Description: It’s hard to describe a ground steak sandwich to the unfamiliar, but the closest comparison would be Hamburger Helper, although that can’t even shake a stick at this sandwich. The sweet slaw with a ripe tomato slice sets this burger, apart, and your taste buds will thank you as you ask for another one.

Chuck’s Burgers and Fries

Contact: Address: 237 S. Wilmington Street, Raleigh Menu Item Ordered: The High and Valley Price: $6.75 (single), $9 (double) Ingredients: crushed avocado, bacon-onion jam, blistered red peppers Description: Though it’s a bit of a drive, Chuck’s in Raleigh has a burger and shake menu that is so unique that it’s definitely worth the road trip. Photos don’t do it justice, but the High and Valley burger was bursting with taste from the avocado and bacon-onion jam. Pair this with the Salty Peanut Butter with roasted banana milkshake and you’ve got yourself quite the meal.

McPherson’s Bar and Grill

Contact: Address: 5710-N High Point Road, Greensboro Menu item ordered: El Diablo Price: $9.99 Ingredients: Large burger pattie with Applewood bacon, Pepperjack cheese, guacamole, salsa and candied jalapenos.Description: This monster burger comes out with Applewood bacon hanging out from the super-sized bun, smothered in Pepperjack cheese. The large jalapeno atop the bun tempts the naive, but is certainly not for the faint of heart. The candied jalapenos buried beneath the salsa and guacamole are a nice surprise, mixing the sweet with the bacon’s tang before providing a swift kick of zest on the backside.

Hops Burger Bar

Contact:, 336-235-2178 Address: 2419 Spring Garden Street, Greensboro Menu item ordered: Cuban Cow Price: $9.75(6oz), $10.75(8oz) Ingredients: An eight ounce Angus beef pattie, grilled ham, Carolina pulled pork, house-made spicy pickles, Swiss cheese, lime dijon Aioli. Description: The brioche bun did it’s level best to contain this perfectly cooked burger, but still left slabs of Angus beef hanging off the side. As if not impressive enough, the slice of grilled ham hung even further over the edge, leaving plenty of room for a large portion of Carolina pulled pork. The phenomenal flavor profile was rounded out by the Aioli sauce.

Pete’s Burgers and More

Contact:, 336-349-6965 Address: 727 South Scales Street, Reidsville Menu item ordered: Double Super Burger Price: $4.69 Ingredients: Two large beef patties covered in cheese with tomato, lettuce and onion on a sesame seed bun. Description: Pete’s Double Super is a kingsized burger that will surfeit any appetite. This classic Reidsville establishment is known for its consistency of service and flavor. The burgers are always fresh and hot, and the fixins bar lets you build a burger to suit your taste.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers

Contact: 336-883-1888 Address: 4106 Brian Jordan Place, High Point Menu item ordered: Double California Burger Price:$5.69 Ingredients:Two steak burger patties on a butter toasted bun with Freddy’s sauce, american cheese, sliced onion, lettuce, and tomato. Description: Fantastic mixing of flavors, and it’s delightfully on the greasy side. Just be prepared to soak it up with the bun.

Charbar No. 7

Contact: Address:3724 Lawndale Drive, Greensboro Menu item ordered: Charleston Burger Price:$10.50 Ingredients: Penny’s Jalapeño Pimento Cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion served with choice of fries, tater tots, rice pilaf or broccoli Description: You can order your burger to desired temperature, but we recommend asking for it medium. If you go “Charbar well done” then you might fight it a bit overcooked.