by Jordan Green

Monitoring the economic pulse of the Triad by Jordan Green

Greensboro contractor awarded contract for road widening

Members of local governing boards have often debated ways to steer a greater share of contract work to local vendors as a way to boost the local economy. The downside of such preferences is that taxpayers might not get the best bang for the buck and if the number of contractors is limited, the practice can lead to cronyism. But in the instance of the NC Department of Transportation’s $40.1 million contract to the Thompson- Arthur Division of APAC-Atlantic of Greensboro, Guilford County residents’ state taxes are being used to pay a Guilford County company for work in Guilford County. Government work isn’t always so tidy.

The expenditure will pay for the widening of High Point Road from two to four lanes from Groometown Road in Greensboro to Vickery Chapel Road in Jamestown and a new interchange at Interstate 73, according to a press released from the NC Department of Transportation. The department estimates that the work will begin around Oct. 1 and conclude by November 2015 with landscaping work continuing through May 2016.