by Eric Ginsburg

Monitoring the economic pulse of the Triad

Duke Energy resuming cutting

The city of Greensboro announced that Duke Energy will resume tree trimming for “customer-requested work” in the next week. Duke came under fire by residents in several neighborhoods recently who criticized the company’s severe tree cuts for power-line maintenance work. Greensboro City Council requested Duke Energy temporarily suspend all tree-trimming activities until the city could examine its tree ordinance. The company obliged, but it is unclear why “customer-requested work” needed to be put on hold as well.

The city said the work is not related to the routine maintenance that outraged residents in Westerwood, Sunset Hills and Old Asheboro. Fisher Park residents objected to cuts in their neighborhood in February 2012. Installing new service lines at construction project and changing out damaged or rotten poles are among the examples of services that Duke Energy will resume.

The city established a tree-ordinance review committee last month, and it will meet Monday at 3:30 p.m. Duke Energy is part of the review committee and it’s unclear why some basic communication between parties at previous sit-downs couldn’t have sorted out “customer-requested work” earlier. It’s hard to understand why the only electric company in Greensboro stopped providing these basic services that have nothing to do with residents’ complaints, but these things don’t always have to make sense.