by Ryan Snyder

DJ Handle: Blackout

What it means: I don’t really remember….

Real name: Jerod Michael Williams

What I play: I normally play a lot of Top 40 songs/remixes and I try to work in electro and dubstep mixes every time I play.

Catch me at: I play every Thursday night and most Friday nights at Greene Street Club. I also play occasionally at Boiler Room and Stumbles.

Got in the game: I’ve been DJing now for 5 years

Why I do it: Music has always been my passion, but I never even thought of becoming a DJ until I started working at Greene Street club. After I started working there, I constantly watched the DJs at the beginning of every night when we were slow. I asked a million questions and was a pain in the neck, but slowly picked up the trade.

Influences: My main influences are the guys I learned from, DJ Dominic and DJ Frenzy. However, I’m influenced by any music that inspires me and that list is endless.

First pro gig: My first professional gig was at Blur (which is now known as Q lounge), working for the G Starz.

Studio work: I have a couple projects in the works. I do work with many different artists/producers.

Favorite technique: I don’t really enjoy overly scratching or doing DJ “tricks.” What I most enjoy is finding those songs, whether old school or brand new, that just make a crowd erupt. I think the ability to read a crowd is a skill that’s often overlooked.

Signature mix: The mix I’m most proud of would have to be the mixtape I produced in 2008 called Electric Adderall.

Personal playlist: I listen to everything! Right now the tuner in my car is dialed in to 103.3. I especially enjoy music that reminds me of my past.

Favorite albums: Jay-Z — The Black Album, The Game — The Documentary, Linkin Park — Meteora and Limp Bizkit — Significant Other

My gear: Technic 1200s or Denon CDJs with a Pioneer DJM600 mixer, Serato and a Macbook.

Website: No website. I promote and network through Facebook and word of mouth. Not really looking for personal attention right now. Just want to rock out the club. Other things will come later.

I’d like to add: I just want to say that I am so thankful every day to be fortunate enough to get paid for doing what I love. I feel truly blessed, and the love I get from random people while I’m on the decks means so much more than any paycheck could. Thanks for having me NC.