BOI Clothing says wear what you want

by Megan Young

Co-owners Alex Fowler and Kash Shamel have built their brand, BOI Clothing, on a solid idea that we should not be segregated by the clothes we wear. For those who identify gender fluid, transgender, lesbian, gay, bisexual, or queer, the act of walking into a store and not knowing which section to shop can be daunting. “When you go into clothing stores there are girls and boys section. We feel as though there is a huge group left out in the LBGT community. The non-binary individuals,” says Shamel. This is where the idea of BOI clothing came into play. It is a unisex clothing line that caters to everyone within that community.

“We dye and design our clothing pieces ourselves. We will soon be moving into screen printing once sales pick up a bit,” they said. “We invested the small amount of money we had to start up the company. Since then, we have been working off the money we have made to build the brand.” At just 18 years of age, the duo has learned the fundamentals of what it takes to lead their brand to success. “I am enough of an entrepreneur to strive for what I want and I know that we can make this happen. It is a matter of determination and pride in what we do,” said Fowler.

In recent months, the LGBTQ community has become more prevalent and talked about with the coming out of Caitlyn Jenner. Media has brought light to the issues that transgender and gender fluid individuals face, this being one of them. “I went on Instagram one day and realized there was a giant community that feel the same as I do,” Fowler said. “It is a small niche that we are trying to reach, but we want to be internationally recognized and educate others in the process,” Shamel added.

Shamel is transgender and his co-owner Fowler is gender fluid. Gender fluid means you can identify with both male and female genders. “Most days I am pretty androgenic or neutral. I wear neutral clothing that could be feminine or masculine,” Fowler explained. This mutual experience has helped them form their clothing line to recognize what both men and women would be into.

BOI clothing is a fairly new company with only five months in business. They will proudly be showcasing their custom designed T-shirts at the upcoming pride festival held in Winston-Salem on October 17 th . “We are so excited to have a booth at this year’s pride festival! It will also be nice to talk to others in our community about the clothing line and what we have to offer,” said Fowler.

“We are also in the process of revamping our website, have more products, and make it overall more professional,” Fowler explained. Seeing as they are so new, they are currently building their brand online with an end goal of owning a store front. “For me, I know that is our end goal. We would like to head towards the West Coast. We also want to eventually hire reps to be able to sell our clothing all over the U.S,” they both mutually explained. Striving to educate others is so important, and these two are dedicated to doing just that. Not only through conversation, but expressed through their unique clothing line as well. !

WANNA wear it?

Email for inquiries at or go visit their booth October 17th at WS Pride festival. Keep your eyes on for updates as the company grows.