Adventure and Love in the Whimsical Woodlands


This week Kernersville Little Theatre reminds us that sometimes you don’t have to go on an expensive vacation just to have an adventure. With the right mindset, excitement and wonder can explode out of the ordinary and find you, and that’s exactly what happens in Brigadoon.

In the musical Brigadoon, two American travelers hiking in the Scottish Highlands get lost on their first night out and discover something not on their map—the mysterious lost village of Brigadoon. Out of what would be a stressful and scary situation arises a thankful and magical mishap, especially since this mystical place comes to life for only one day every 100 years.

“Brigadoon is authentic and filled with wonderful music,” says Alvin Tyndall, director of the show. “The tunes stay with you and we have an outstanding cast with exciting voices.”

Charlie Thompson provides music direction for the show and Kathy Cissna designed a set that could magically transform alongside the plotline.

“The backdrop is a series of hinged, two-sided stage flats brilliantly painted by scenic artists, which alternate between a view of the village and a surrounding forest,” Cissna said.

The hinged set pieces allow for quicker scene changes, as well as more details to help set the time and place of the scene. Stair-stepped platforms create the rolling hills, and they’ve also brought in mist and fog machines to create a mysterious aura.

“The challenge we face in the James Fitzpatrick Auditorium is that there is no fly space and essentially no wing space,” Cissna explained. “Our director, Alvin Tyndall, faces the same challenges in his home theater space at Stained Glass Playhouse. He was able to bring the same fabulous creative solution with him to our production of Brigadoon that he had used six years earlier at Stained Glass.”

Regular KLT audience members may even feel like they’ve been transferred to another mystical theater space thanks to the extra special effects that were made possible by higher quality equipment.

“The other thing that is really special about this production is that we have a fantastic show sponsor, Vintage Sound and Light, which has loaned us much more elaborate sound and lighting equipment than we usually have access to,” Cissna said.

“It gives us a great deal of more flexibility,” Cissna said about the newer equipment that allows them to change colors and positions of the light to better create an atmosphere.

“And one of the owners of Vintage Sound and Light, Charlie Kroksh, is serving as our volunteer light and sound designer. Because he has been such a great partner and patient teacher, I have learned much that will serve the KLT organization in the future— even without all of his equipment.”

Another creative transformation to the little stage is the addition of an orchestra pit. “We placed the orchestra in a stage extension to imitate an orchestra pit,” Cissna said. “It greatly improves sound quality.”

With the increased capabilities of the theater, it is definitely more equipped to create such an imaginative and exciting land—one that is sure to captivate the audience, especially KLT regulars. And with a classic tale full of love, mystery and time travel, Brigadoon is simply a feel-good musical, perfect for a summer break from the norm. !


Kernersville Little Theatre performs Brigadoon June 26-29 at the James Fitzpatrick Auditorium, located at Kernersville Elementary, 512 W. Mountain St. Tickets are $16 for adults; $8 for children.

For tickets or more information visit or call 993-6556.