Bagel Station in Winston-Salem serving up freshness since 1990

 brittany@yesweekly.comStaying alive for 24 years is difficult. You have to be careful. You have to make good decisions. Even if you play it safe, you still leave a lot up to chance and luck.

Think about all of the crazy things you’ve done in your life that make you say, “Wow. I’m lucky I survived that one.” Even doing simple things like driving on I-40 or walking through parking lots can be risky.

To celebrate staying alive for (at least) 24 years, I decided to visit a place that has managed to stick it out for almost as long as I have.

The Bagel Station in Winston-Salem opened its doors in 1990, and they have been serving up fresh bagels and free smiles ever since. The Bagel Station offers at least 18 different types of bagels, and they are made fresh daily. As their website states, “Our bagels are traditional New York bagels . . . handmade, boiled and baked. It is a hearty bagel with a crunch.”

Everything they say about their bagels is true. I promise you. It is a small, simple establishment built perfectly for the “onthe-go” customers that seem to visit it.

The bagel station has anything from pumpkin bagels to jalapeno cheddar bagels, and they all look tempting. They offer plain cream cheese as a spread, and they have flavored cream cheese, honey butter and peanut butter and jelly as well. If you are feeling especially hungry, you can order one of their bagel breakfast sandwiches. They also have bagel chips, bagel bars and cookies.

If lunch is what you are craving, I would advise you to check out their bagel sandwiches. They have BLTs on bagels as well as chicken/tuna salad, roast beef, ham and turkey.

After giving a lot of careful thought, I took a chance and made a decision. I went with the blueberry bagel with the plain cream cheese.

I wasn’t surprised when I discovered that it was a good decision.

After all, you don’t survive 24-plus years in this world making poor decisions, right?

A blueberry bagel with plain cream cheese may seem like a “safe” choice, but you should know that once I bit into that “safe choice,” I felt like everything was OK with the world. It’s fun to take risks sometimes. On a Monday morning, it’s OK to make a safe choice. It was the right choice.

The Bagel Station doesn’t lie when they say that their bagels are hearty. After one bagel, I stayed full all day. Also, if you are looking for a great cup of coffee, I suggest you look no further.

They have different flavors of freshly brewed coffee, and I like that. Options are important. I chose to treat myself to their toasted almond flavor coffee, and I sat in the corner of The Bagel Station and enjoyed my Monday morning.

Customers walked in and out of the restaurant, and the staff treated all of them as if they were regulars. When I say that the workers at The Bagel Station are nice, it really doesn’t do them enough justice. They are sweethearts, and they seem to genuinely care about the people sitting at the tables.

I think the key to staying alive for 24 years is a combination of purpose, good decision-making, a positive attitude and determination. The Bagel Station gets it.

A lot of things change over the course of two decades, but people’s love for delicious bagels has, thankfully, remained the same.

Here’s to Winston-Salem enjoying another 24 years of The Bagel Station! !



The Bagel Station has two locations. One is at 129 Oakwood Drive off S. Stratford Rd, and Bagel Station II is located at the Whittaker Square Shopping Center. They are open 7 days a week from 6AM -2PM.