Band of the Week: Greensboro-based Dead Eyes embarking on metal journey

by Heather MacIntyre

LABEL: Forsaken Recordings

I bet if you saw a bunch of these clean-cut, pretty-faced, straight-haired boys sitting in a coffee shop you wouldn’t guess that they were in such a fierce music market, or have the morbid title of Dead Eyes ( Some might take this as a music metaphor of being blind to labels, having your eyes closed to categorizing music for anything more than the sound. Because if you close your eyes and listen, you picture men in their late-twenties to early-thirties with long, stringy hair rocking out to a similar crowd, maybe with black eye makeup and Satanic-slogan shirts. Wrong. All the members in this Greensboro-based post-metal core band are in their late teens and (very) early twenties, originating mostly from Kernersville. How did these kids end up with such an intense passion for this genre of music? Most of them grew up listening to all kinds of punk, pop and hardcore, yet they all feel the same tingly sensation inside when it comes to European metal. Collectively, they agree that In Flames, It Dies Today and Arch Enemy are a few of their biggest metal influences. Their recent tour, the Ay-o-o-o-o-o-o-o tour, joined them with Bloodjinn (, and a Stained Glass Romance ( through North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia venues. Currently they are in the process of booking a full US tour to last all summer. Guitarist Parker Williams speaks for the general concensus in admitting their dream tour would be with Epitaph’s Escape the Fate. Though they have songs up online and videos posted on YouTube, they haven’t had any releases yet as they have been focusing on perfecting songs and connecting with fans through live performances. This fall they plan to release their debut album that they are currently in the studio writing. Until then, for the full experience you will have to rock out with these crazy random-humored fifth-life crisis kids as they embark on their metal journey of life. Your next opportunity being at the Brewery ( in Raleigh on May 10.