Be There: Every day, something cool

by Dave Roberts

TUESDAY, Jan. 15

Golden Gates Russian youth folk group

Berry Hall at Canterbury School; 5400 Old Lake Jeanette Road, Greensboro; 336.288.2007; 7 p.m.; FREE

Chello! Come to Russian Folk Group! Is teenagers from St. Petersburg dancing traditional Russian folk dances and playing music on accordion and balalaika (is like guitar but three strings and size of kayak). And hey guys, Natasha here is over 16 and looking for husband. Is good Russian girl, strong like bull, will bear you many sons. Sorry, no refunds.


Mensa admissions testing

Kathleen Clay Edwards Library; 1420 Price Park Drive, Greensboro; 336.292.3754; 6:30 p.m.; $40 test processing fee

Ah, the weighty onus of the unrecognized genius: stomaching the monotonous rehashes of “American Idol” with the troglodytes in the break room; perusing yet another grammatically inept editorial by linear-thinking columnists; swearing at the cretins on “Jeopardy” who can’t remember the atomic weight of cobalt. At long last, you can attain some recognition. Mensa, that avalon of the 150+ IQ, opens its auriferous gates for a recherché few this Wednesday. Finally, you can take your rightful place among the Eloi – that oughtta impress that blonde in reception.


John Irving fiction reading

Elliot University Center Auditorium; UNCG Campus, Greensboro; 336.334.5459; 8 p.m.; FREE

From transsexual football players to ether-huffing abortionists, John Irving has always specialized in characters the average person can relate to. The celebrated author of The World According to Garp and The Cider House Rules will bless the Spartans with his presence to read from his newest novel Until I Find You and answer sycophantic questions from a gaggle of struggling writers in the MFA program.

FRIDAY, Jan. 18

Thacker Dairy Road

Blind Tiger; 2215 Walker Ave, Greensboro; 336.272.9888; 10 p.m.; $5

Regular readers of this space, (both of them – hi Mom) know that we loves us some Thacker Dairy Road. We were reluctant at first – we’ve been hurt by other bands in the past – but we’re finally ready to love again. If you’re in the mood to love you some organic, rootsy, funky fiddle and keyboard mishmash, check ’em out at the Tiger this weekend.


World’s Toughest Cowboy

Greensboro Coliseum; 1921 W. Lee St., Greensboro; 336.852.1100; 7:30 p.m.; $15, $32, $52

Ever since Brokeback Mountain, cowboys have been coming off a little fruity (well, to be fair, the Village People got the ball rolling). Well, no more. This Saturday, tough brute men in rawhide chaps will be taming wild studs in some of the roughest bareback riding you and your God-fearing family will ever see, followed by country music artist Jake Owen singing his hit song “Yee-Haw,” as well as the lesser known “Yup” and “(hock, spit).”

SUNDAY, Jan. 20

Triad Best of Broadway Series presents Movin’ Out

Greensboro Coliseum; 1921 W. Lee St., Greensboro; 336.852.1100; 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.; $39.50 – $52.50

Best of Broadway? Granted, “Pretty good of Broadway” or “If your Relatives from Iowa Are in Town of Broadway” doesn’t look as good on a billboard, but let’s not go nuts. Further, the show contains no dialogue whatsoever; it’s entirely told through copyrighted lyrics and Twyla Tharp’s choreography. Which means they didn’t have to hire writers. Let’s hope the AMPTP doesn’t pick up on this.

MONDAY, Jan. 21

MLK Celebration Day at Greensboro Children’s Museum

Greensboro Children’s Museum; 220 N. Church St., Greensboro; 336.574.2898; 9 a.m.; FREE with GCM Admission ($6) or GCM Membership

That’s right, the kids are off from school and you’ve got to do something with them. You could take them to the movies or laser tag, but we all know they’d rather go to the museum for vaguely Dr. King-related “activities, storytimes and arts and crafts.” That way when they start marching in protest, they’ll have the theme song down.

TUESDAY, Jan. 22

Tim Reynolds and TR3 (electric)

The Garage; 110 W. Seventh St., Winston-Salem; 336.777.1127; 9 p.m.; $20

Oh yeah, that Tim Reynolds. Never mind that he was good enough to record and tour with the magic-voiced South African, he’s been playing for over 20 years and will “rock and funk your house down.” We’re not sure what exactly that’s supposed to mean, but for 20 bucks it’s a decent way to spend an evening.