Be There: Every day, something cool

by Dave Roberts

TUESDAY, Jan. 29

Jura Margulis

UNCG School of Music Organ Hall; West Market and McIver streets, Greensboro; 336.334.4849; 7:30 p.m.; $10 adults $6 seniors $4 students $3 UNCG

Aren’t you tired of these lazy writers making $8,000 a year forcing you to watch reruns and “American Gladiators”? (Yes, yes, we all love Tor and Helga, but that’s neither here nor there) Well you’ll show them. You’ll go to a piano recital. Do you hear that WGA?! That’s what you’ve reduced us to! A piano recital! Ms. Margulis (and you’re on your own as far as pronunciation goes) will tickle the dead elephants and your eardrums with an aural feast. Take that, Tina Fey, with your hot nerdy glasses and rapier wit.


Trish Delish’ Karaoke

The Rhinoceros Club; 315 S. Greene St., Greensboro; 336.272.9305; TK time; FREE

She rocked our worlds at the YES! Weekly Christmas party and she can do the same for you this and every Wednesday. Part MC, part DJ, Miss Yummy Delicious serves up karaoke and booty-shaking grooves all night long while the barmen serve $2 drafts at the Rhino, possibly the swankiest dive bar we’ve ever seen.


Mrs. Warren’s Profession

Triad Stage; 232 S. Elm St., Greensboro; 336.272.0160; 7:30 p.m.; $22-$34

George Bernard Shaw, unlike any other writer in the history of literature, had some issues with women. Between Pygmalion and the Triad Stage’s latest offering, in which a daughter confronts her mother’s employment as a prostitute, it’s a good thing Shaw and Freud never crossed paths, as we would have been denied some of theatre’s best roles. Let that be a lesson to you new parents, if you want your kid to be famous, screw them the hell up.

FRIDAY, Feb. 1

YES! Weekly’s 3-Year Anniversary Show

Greene Street Club; 113 N. Greene St., Greensboro; 336.273.4111; 9 p.m.; $10

That’s right baby; three whole years and we’re still here. Who would have thought a front organization for laundering profits from our publisher’s underground hobo-boxing empire would turn into a lucrative enterprise in its own right? Not us, that’s for sure. Come out and help us celebrate the start of our fourth trip around the publishing sun this weekend with a monster line-up of bands featuring Chris Barron, formerly of the Spin Doctors & the Time Bandits, Wild Sweet Orange, Best When Tipsy and Defying Belief.


A birthday tribute to Bob Marley

Carolina Theatre; 310 S. Greene St., Greensboro; 336.333.2605; 9 p.m.; $16.50

Just how many white guys with dreadlocks are there in the Triad? Jah only knows, but we’ll be finding out this Saturday when Paul Patrice’s band Island Vibes pays homage to the godfather of reggae with special guest Tracy Thornton. You’ll want to use the crystal cleaner on the ol’ one-hitter for this one.

SUNDAY, Feb. 3

Carolina Cheer and Dance Championship

Greensboro Coliseum; 1921 W. Lee St., Greensboro; 336.373.7400; 10 a.m.; $10-$12, 7 and under FREE

Listen, there’s nothing wrong with grown, single men going to cheerleading competitions. It’s an entirely legitimate sport, just like gymnastics or foxy boxing. We officially discourage the throwing of dollar bills however; that’s right out. Also, apparently there’s some big football game on later in the day if you’re into that sort thing… weirdos.

MONDAY, Feb. 4

The Informall Theater Co. presents AfterLife

City Arts Studio Theater; 200 N. Davie St., Greensboro; 336.549.7431; 8 p.m.; $10

Weekend warriors! Staring down the barrel of a six-month stretch of deadening football-less existence. Wife looking to cash in her squirrelled-away rain checks of missed dates and general neglect? Kill two raccoons with one BB by taking your lovely bride to this brace of heartwarming shows about death and internet dating. Then go for coffee and pie and ask her how her day went. That oughtta shut her up.


Dental Day Workshop

Natural Science Center; 4301 Lawndale Drive, Greensboro; 336.288.3769; 9 a.m.; FREE with admission

So your kids’ teeth have more gaps than the Egyptian border and the last time they were at the dentist, New Orleans was above sea level, you’re still a better parent than, say, Lynne Spears. And you can rectify the situation by taking them to the special Dental Day Workshop that promises to be fun-filled and informative (two words that are rarely, if ever, associated with dentistry). See the world’s largest dental drill, play cavity whack-a-mole, and bring your swimsuit for the rinse-‘n-spit waterslide! Yes, it’s the most anyone’s ever had or will have learning about their teeth.