Be There

Be ThereThur., Sept. 24DGI ANNUAL REPORTTO THE COMMUNITYThe Carolina Theatre; 310S Greene St., Greensboro;336;333;2600;;336.379.0060 x.21; 8a.m.; FREE (to downtownGreensboro business owners,property owners andresidents)If you’ve got a stake indowntown Greensboro,you’re eligible for a freemeal, a report, a presentationand an awards ceremony.The day begins at 8a.m. with a light breakfastat Riva’s Trattoria andthen moves over to theCarolina Theatre, whereDGI will give its reportand name the winnersof the J Edward KitchenLeadership Award andthe Jim Roach Downtownperson of the Year Award,followed by remarks fromEric Henry, of sustainableenergy screen-printingcompany TS Designs.Fri., Sept. 25LUCINDA WILLIAMSWITH THE GREENEFIELDSThe Carolina Theatre; 310S. Greene St., Greensboro;336.333.2605;; 8 p.m.;$32.50, $28.50 or $24.50Don’t try to put LucindaWilliams in a box, justunderstand that she’s asongwriter and storytellerfrom down in Louisiana,sure to move you withher heartfelt approach andethereal voice. Country,blues, folk… whatever.Judge for yourself tonight.Sat., Sept. 26TATE STREET FESTIVALTate Street, Greensboro;; allday; FREEThe annual Tate StreetFall Festival is the rare streetparty that manages to be allthings to all people. Hangout with the kids at the crafttents and food booths. Dancewith the hipsters in frontof the stage — the lineupincludes House of Fools,Eating the Invaders, TheOthermothers, Now You SeeThem, the Brand New Lifeand the Firelight Saga — orjust sit inside New YorkPizza drinking and playingpinball. See you there!Sun., Sept. 27A MIDSUMMERNIGHT’S DREAMHigh Point Theatre; 220 E.Commerce St., High Point;336.887.3001;; 2 p.m.;$31, $23 students andseniors, but lots of specialpricing availableYou like-a the Bard? Thisone is a classic, set against awedding gone awry featuringwood nymphs, fairiesand sprites. The presentation,which runs at the HighPoint Theatre through Oct.4, is a production of theNorth Carolina ShakespeareFestival, which ably celebratesthe works and life ofWilliam Shakespeare everyyear in High Point.Mon., Sept. 28CAROLINA PANTHERS ATDALLAS COWBOYS“Monday Night Football”;ESPN (cable channel 17);8:30 p.m. ESTCome on, Carolina… youguys have got to be kiddingus! Get it in gear, fellas.Tonight will be a goodopportunity to show a nationalaudience what the Panthersare made of in this prime-timesquare-off against those smugand smarmy Dallas Cowboys.What do you say we handAmerica’s Team its secondconsecutive loss in their fancy-pants new stadium, bringingtheir cumulative recordthere to 0-2. Are we all on thesame page, here?Tues., Sept. 29TOM GOSS WITHMARA LEVICafé Roche Coffeehouse;1316 S. HawthorneRoad, Winston-Salem;336.721.7716;; 7 p.m.; TBDYouTube sensationTom Goss made his nameby writing and performingwhat is becoming theanthem of the gay marriagemovement, “’Til the End.”The stop is part of Goss’nationwide tour in supportof his album, Back toLove. Check out the videoat, Sept. 30JOEL SILVERMANAND FOSTERCamp Bow WowGreensboro; 6207Chimney Center Blvd.,Greensboro; 336.323.3133;; 7p.m.; FREEJoel Silverman, from theAnimal Planet TV show“Good Dog U,” and histrusty companion Foster,who looks a little bit likeScraps from the Airplane!movie, come to Greensboroin support of his (their?)new book, What Color isYour Dog?, followed bya seminar for dog ownersand their little friends.Space is limited, so RSVPon the website.