Be there

by David McGee

RECORD & CD COLLECTOR SHOWGuilford Convention Center, Interstate 40/Business 85 at East Lee Street,Greensboro, 10 a.m., FREE every day something cool. by David McGeeGo to yesweekly.comfor a full listing ofhappeningsaround the triad.For all the music collectors and lovers of vintage tunes out there, thisis where you’ll be able to connect with those hard-to-find CDs, LPs, 45s,music memorabilia and more. No need to worry about a lack of variety inmusic genres being represented either since everyone is invited to bringtheir own collection to buy, trade or sell. So if a ukulele/harpsichord/cowbellcombination is what you have been missing, chances are it’s here.Wed., Nov 18PICNIC BY WILLIAM INGEUNC School of the Arts;1533 S. Main St., Winston-Salem; 336.721.1945;;8 p.m.; $12 adults, $10seniors and studentsIn this play directed byLaura Henry, Hal is a young,attractive man who comesto small-town Kansas inthe ’50s and shakes thingsup when he starts workingnext door to two sisters. Thestruggle over his love andattention turns the wholetown topsy-turvy, questioningtheir beliefs and what theyknow about life and love.There goes the neighborhood.Thurs., Nov 19THE POP QUIZThe Garage; 110 W.7th St., Winston-Salem;336.777.1127;; 9:30 p.m.;FREEThink you have what ittakes to answer 40 generalknowledge, random informationand pop-culture relatedquestions all while facing offagainst other prize-hungryteams? Then this is whereyou want to be! Sponsoredby Ed McKay’s and hostedby Tony and Amanda to keepthings moving in the fundirection, come have somesuds and stretch your spongy,gray matter.Fri., Nov 20BEST OF BROADWAYPRESENTS RAIN; ATRIBUTE TO THE BEATLESGreensboro ColiseumComplex; 1921 W. Lee St.,Greensboro; 336.373.7400;; $39.50-$56.50; 8 p.m.This Beatles tributeextravaganza brings theperformance regarded asthe next best thing to theBeatles themselves. Therewill be the hits from theearliest days straight throughAbbey Road. Look forwardto a mind-blowing multidimensionaltheatrical eventwhere you can hear andsee the music in all its psychedelicglory. Bring someextra money for souvenirsand memorabilia so you’llremember being there.Sun., Nov. 22MILEY CYRUS INCONCERTGreensboro ColiseumComplex; 1921 W. Lee St.,Greensboro; 336.373.7400;; $39.50-$79.50; 7 p.m.Sixteen-year old sensationMiley Cyrus will bejoined by special guest MetroStation for a night of rockandpop-music bliss. Witha big stage setup and lots ofcostume changes, this teenageris going to thrill the littlegirl in everyone. If you happento have a youngun’ thenI’m sure you already heardthis, but they want to go.Mon., Nov. 23EXTREME DEEP: MISSIONTO THE ABYSSNatural Science Centerof Greensboro; 4301Lawndale Drive,Greensboro; 336.288.3769;; 10 a.m.;$8 adults, $7 children andseniorsThis traveling exhibit,open through early January,goes under the ocean whereyou will encounter andexplore shipwrecks, deepsea creatures and landformsat the very thinnest spotson earth’s crust. The exhibitemphasizes the role geology,history, biology and chemistryplay in making discoveriesat extreme depths andwith a ton of hands-on stuffto do like flying a rover overTitanic’s deck and maneuverrobotic arms, the learningtakes a backseat to fun onthis one.Tues., Nov 24WEST COAST SWINGBEGINNER’S CLASSThirsty’s 2; 119 N. ChimneyRock Road, Greensboro;336.451.4441; 8:30 p.m.;$10For a fun way to pass theterrible Tuesdays and gainsome skills — because yougotta have skills — comeover to Thirsty’s and startlearning some moves that aresure to impress. Designedfor beginner’s but fun foreveryone, get there early tomake ensure your spot andremember to wear somethingyou can move in.Wed., Nov 256TH & VINE’STHANKSGIVING EVEBASH6th & Vine; 209 W.6th St., Winston-Salem; 336.725.5577;;6 p.m.; FREEIn order to properlyenjoy a festive holiday likeThanksgiving, it is importantto go out and mingle with allthe other turkeys the nightbefore the glut begins. Atthis bash they’ll have DJ SKplaying and mixing all theunstoppable hits of the ’80s.To keep everyone happy pilgrimsfood and drink specialsare going on all day, so getin the spirit and practice yourgobble.