Belinda Humphries/Page 3

by Brian Clarey

Even among the VIPs in the backstage hospitality tent at this weekend’s Carolina Blues Festival, this week’s Page Three model, Belinda Humphries, stood out. Maybe it was her dazzling smile, maybe it was the cut of her jeans, maybe it was how the raucous blues coming from the stage caused her to slink and groove… whatever. As it turns out, Ms. Humphries is practically royalty in the rarified circles of American blues. She’s the manager of Mac Arnold, who got his first big break playing bass for Muddy Waters in the ’60s, and his current project Plate Full o’ Blues. And she’s got the kind of presence that opens doors – during Jimmy Thackery & the Drivers’ set she stepped deftly around a barrier and stood on the stage. Not only did nobody stop her, a few of the musicians stepped over to say hello.